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Cooking with Gas

We are setting a date and time to interview members of both the Wisconsin State Assembly and Senate for the documentary (shhh… we not going to tell you who quite yet!).

We are also planing to bring on a member of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture  to talk about the subject of the rising of industrial hemp in Wisconsin after 60+ years of being illegal to grow in this state — crazy in itself right?

The interviews should take us a few days to get on tape and edited, but I feel this is so needed to help the public understand what the process is like, and the mindset of the political leadership getting the job done.

When I talk to others more than once, I find out that how laws get made, even at the state level, is not well understood. This needs to be more highlighted.

The legislators we will be talking to have unique issues they are dealing with, especially when compared to, say, some of the general public that is only looking at cannabis use.  

The plan as of now is to visit one set in the AM then the other set in the PM. I was planning to get a talking head to do the interviews (due to my own slurred speech due to my stokes), but, after much thought, I’ve decided that the passion I bring to the interviews overcomes my speech issues! But, just to be on the safe side, we will use subtitles to be sure everyone can understand what is being said.

We are hoping to get this project rolling in late May 2018.

Keep Rocking!

Needed: Broadcast Journalists

I was thinking to have actors do interviews, but then I realized I would likely have to educate them on cannabis and perhaps even how state governments work…

I realized it may be better to use an actual broadcast journalist for the projects I have in mind (or even agricultural journalists who may have that as a base). This way, I can do pre-production activities that do not include Agriculture 101 Training for actors.

I also believe that a legitimate broadcast journalist would not only do a great job, but they would bring a special brand of passion to the production — versus “acting” (where we can all tell the passion is faked). I want to stay away from falsified interest.

Not only should this journalist grab our viewers’ attention and keep them focused on the production, but we’re looking to get the audience engaged enough to buy stickers and other bling we will be selling in order to fund the effort.

Industrial hemp will be the first topic covered in the series — helping the audience to understand how plants grow, and perhaps explaining some simple terms. We’ll also be discussing how hemp influenced us historically in the past, as many still believe it was a threat to cotton and timber. (This is why I’d prefer to get someone with an agricultural background of some sort).

Our “Talking Head” should be far more than just a pretty face. They must be able to convey an interest that is not faked and is very much from the heart.

If you think you could fill this role, or have a recommendation for someone who could, contact me at wclingman@wi.rr.com or message me on Twitter @greathemptour

Perhaps the tour was for me all along


Best thing is knowing what has happen what might happened and what will happen, then act on what you understand.

As it stands The great Hemp Tour as a TV show or even something lived streamed from locations around The USA not likely, The Roku idea is an om going effort and like anything it takes money and time better do the channel vs poorly, reputations are at stake.

Fact of the matter is there is still so much to look at, that I feel should be part of a look at Cannabis/Hemp oh so very much   so such as:

Cannabis Penny Stocks and the scam games vs the great oppertunties that investing gives us.

The hate on the A.G. over Cannabis that so forgets the role of Congress and why that is? Perhaps a long term stock con? Perhaps others trying to keep getting Clinton cash?

The role of the Beer/Wine/Booze companies in keeping Cannabis on schedule one.

The tax revenue received in the States where its now legal.

That is only a tip of the Iceberg.

The more I learn the more I want to learn, the more I understand the less I realty do.

Most of all I come to the understanding that here as well as my Twitter account that to be anything other then myself is just damn silly, since I am doing this for me then anyone going to do that and fuck it.

Update on happenings and plan for 2017

‘You have noticed a drop in postings on this page, that’s because its been a hard few weeks being that  during this time I lost my Step Father to Cancer and dealing with elder issues with my mother.

You will never know how helpless you feel when a loved one is suffering and there is nothing you can do other then watch them suffer.

CR471M A conceptual look at Alzheimers disease, and some of the problems it brings.

Suffering from Alzheimer’s like Cancer is an illness that from my reading Medical Cannabis MIGHT offer help if only to help relive pain.

Myself, I believe in my reading Cannabis can offer more then just help with pain, but more research is needed.

I do hope that President Trump pushes this when he takes office so with luck we can find cures with the use of Cannabis can be started

PLEASE have a plan in place so God forbid you are faced with finding help for a loved one when they nor you can help them.



By the new year my mom be in some assisted living and I can devote more time to this blog.

I am hoping to step up the Podcast then as well


The State of Washington goes for a Billion

On 9/25/2016, I listened to the podcast done by Canninsider with Kelly Ogilvile on the subject of Cannabis Salt and Sweeteners. It’s an interesting topic, but in the first few minutes of the show , Mr. Ogilvile said that the state of Washington’s legal cannabis market would be worth 1 Billion dollars — not 10 million or 100 Million but ONE BILLION.

Just think of all the jobs this will create! Even at a low tax rate, the money for state and local governments (in a time that many states are in panic mode), the tax receipts could go a long way to pay for many needed programs.

I just hope that, unlike California, Washington does not tax the cannabis golden goose to death.

Jobs from growers to budtenders, from truck drivers to Lab techs will be needed and fast.

I highly suggest every one subscribe to the Canniainsider Podcast today!

You might also want to look at your job skills to see if you could be needed in the state of Washington. You may be able to benefit from the wild opportunities coming soon.

Mushroom Progress



As you can see we have a logo my thanks to http://redmuseum.net  for the art work!

The row for the test plot in the Garden is about done, should be adding the Spawn and base wood chips by Friday PM depending on Weather.  With any luck we will see a few Lbs grown still this year, best that when it gets cold the Mycelium will not be killed off but will start growing again come Spring.

Even in the Winter will add Rabbit manure to the Mushroom grow as well start some Grow bags in the Basement

Goal this year is to get something growing this year in 2017 the goal is to grow and sell 100 LB  major success is to grow 500 LB in the Garden.

Love love the Art! My thanks Mr R Man


V. R as an educational tool



What is a virtual reality system?
An artificial environment created with computer hardware and software and presented to the user in such a way that it appears and feels like a real environment. To “enter” a virtual reality, a user dons special gloves, earphones, and goggles, all of which receive their input from the computer system.
The basic explanation is above, since 1929 V.R. has been around when I as a Member of the Civil Air Patrol we had an old Link trainer that we did basic training with a lot of fun. Now VR is used in a range of application mostly in training for Industry and Military, saving both time and money in the effort to bring someone up to speed before they use say a M1A1 tank for the first time or flying a 10 million dollar.
Another  popular use is Gaming all ready a 25 Million dollar  if not more business and of course Porn get in as more and more IOT devices are hooked up to a ” Sex Aid” so say some guy can see some porn star in the flesh as the “sex aid” simulates shall we say certain actions  from my reading on this a HUGE part of research going on in the V.R. world. Wild stuff.
V.R. can also be used to create environments from the surface of the Moon to what the inside of an office complex will look at when built.
So to steal a Phrase:
                                                           This is where it gets crazy
One of the big issues in Hemp is education on the issues around the Hemp industry. The use of VR can go along way to help educate and train one could use VR to
Create a Indoor Grow operation show how this may work how one operates
Create an Outdoor Grow
Create a Medical  Marijuana Clinic
Use for classroom to teach facts vs myth on the subjects of Hemp for all uses
Even very interactive gaming with Hemp as a major plot line.
Like I keep saying Hemp is a gold mine

Spring + Blab and then some

With Spring on the way (yesterday’s 4 ” snowfall not helping) I see more signs of Spring and with that thoughts on moving efforts forward.

To that we turn to the idea of Blab, as you may know Blab is an App that can be used on most Smart devices that allow me to host a video steam and bring on up to 3 others ( a total of 4) and all talk exchange information have guests come on etc.

Should I wish (and hit the right buttons) I can record the shows then put the shows on You Tube or just the Audio as a podcast.

Thinking be best to use with the Podcast I did on Blog Talk Radio for maxim engagment and reach.

This has great impact on the Great Hemp Tour for now I can like a Podcast have a platform I can bring on guest to talk on a range  of topics  about Hemp, best this could be the ticket to doing the great Hemp Tour and not leave the State of Wisconsin or at lease allow a basic understanding of happenings before leaving on a long trip, in this way providing the best interviews, site visits, investigative stops to include in a more in depth effort.

I have started doing test shows of the Great Hemp Tour to learn how best to use the platform so I mess up now before a guest come on then a show go bad due to an error happening that I could I have prevented.

So that is the base plan, this show first the test shows then the ones with guest will be on Tuesday and Thursday at 0900 CST for now just testing of the platform learning how to use it then the guests.

For sure I will let you know when we start doing them with guests.


It’s a Circus My observations




Wild times , yes wild wild times.

It’s all free will right very much so do what you think best and drive on.

Hemp is Cowboy city and that is fine with me, hell more then fine it’s in this chaos that great wealth can be made by seeing oppertunties where they lie and take advantage of them, for they are sure there.

No one is “in Charge” there is no governing group wild times.

The wild west in many ways like I said Cowboy City USA.

one of my observations is seeing the  the old work for free and one day…. BS see that a lot in Film did not expect to see that as much in Hemp, then I assumed that other be asked to work for free by business owners making money with the idea “one day, next year, or in time  the folks working for free will get something yes sure will get something…

Myself, I do a lot for free I work in my Community in Gardening, helping my Hispanic Neighbors out, and of all things Animal rescue I do what I do I am sure you do stuff too.

As well I do work to move Hemp Forward in the State as I hope you do in yours.

I do so by writing Emails  calling my Elected officials talking to others, you might to happy to do so.

However I will not work for free in organizations where Business are making bank and I am expected to do work for free.

Nor will I ask anyone to do so.

Happy to Barter  for services, if your just starting out need media advice want help learning Twitter etc happy to to that just to help out a new guy just starting out, but got no time to donate to anyone as they make money off my talent.

Am I upset not so much that as I am pissed at me for not saying no before I did and should we see each other at a Hemp event I tell you some stories.




Using the New Now with the Great Hemp Tour

jumping goat

In the day to do The Great Hemp Tour would have required a crew of at least three A shooter, A sound/lighting guy/talking head  this would mean having a car large enough to put the crew and the equipment in, of course meals for everyone one or two hotel rooms etc.

All this adds up fast, as projected the Great Hemp Tour ran about $300 per day to do in production costs alone, a ten day road trip run about $3000 easy if not more.

Now using an IPhone I can live stream the Tour in part then even using IMovie   I can do long interviews edit and toss them on You Tube then at a latter date Pop added content bonus content etc

This all with a device that fits in the palm of my hand.

Talk about crazy right

How Tech changes things,

So how the tour will work is this


Using Periscope (A free App) I will (or maybe a talking head) interview others explore the Hemp Happenings in that State.ror live streaming that anyone can see live. This will also be stored for editing to be put on You Tube,

Longer form interviews will take place again to be perhaps live streamed for sure put on You Tube and with added content put on a DVD.

The use of the Smart Phone and Apps created for live streaming will save a ton of cash as well as making the Tour more fun to do.

Got to say I am getting excited to get this going.