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What Will the Documentary Look Like?

Let’s go over what I am thinking the documentary series will look like so you’ll have a better understanding of what all will go into this.

We are looking at doing a YouTube series versus DVD or Amazon Prime since my experience from my mob film* (which you can see on this page) was that very few people will pay to see content since there is so much content you can see for free. Even 99 cents is too much for many to pay these days!

On YouTube, you can monetize the shows for about the same rate as Prime. And yet, for whatever reason, many will not use Prime to view a show yet they will watch the same show on YouTube. No idea why! That’s just been my experience. (I’d love to get your ideas on why).

Anyway, if we look at what would have been a DVD with a run time of about 60 minutes as a “season,” this is what we have:

Season 1

Return of Industrial Hemp to Wisconsin:

  • The history of industrial hemp in Wisconsin
  • The removal of hemp from Wisconsin agriculture
  • The Return of  industrial hemp to Wisconsin
  • Economic impact

Season 2

The Promise Medical Cannabis:

  • Known treatments
  • CBD oil as a cancer treatment
  • Cannabis use in opioid addiction treatment
  • Future possibilities

We will go out of the way to ensure that all who watch know that THEY NEED TO TALK TO THEIR DOCTOR!

Season 3

Promise and Pitfalls:

  • Economic boom in legal states
  • Medical research
  • Cannabis millionaires
  • Penny stock frauds
  • Quack cures
  • Issues to overcome in banking

We’re hoping to get any type of fund drive going at the start of Hemp History Week, with pre-production completed in mid July 2018, and the shows going up on YouTube in August 2018.

I estimate that the cost of this production will be between $8,000 and $15,000.

Understanding how the project will make the money back is important, but that will be for another post.

Until next time.


*Note: The mob documentary may be sold soon. If so, it will only be available via Amazon Prime. Watch it for free while you can!

The purpose of the Documentary

What is the purpose of the documentary?

Easy. It’s meant to educate the masses on the subjects of industrial hemp and cannabis.

Too many far more intelligent people then I am have no real clue when it comes to cannabis education. And, worse, believe the lies they were told by others. I don’t blame them — at one time I trusted those liars too!

My idea is that by providing an education in a fun, non-threatening way, we can bring about a change of thinking and, I hope, gain more supporters to use hemp-based products and bring full legalization of cannabis to America.

In the film, we will discuss how many states have legalized hemp — focusing on the State of Wisconsin, where, just a few years ago, the law could not get a hearing passed…but is now being passed into law with bi-partisan support. We investigate this journey, going into details about how it all went down.

We will also show how far the idea of cannabis has come as a treatment for illnesses (from cancer to PTSD). Not long ago, this idea was dismissed out of hand. Now, more and more research is showing that cannabis is indeed a life saver. We’re going to focus on how cannabis continues to make a huge positive difference — from the very young to the very old — for the population in America.

We will also take a look at the billions being made on cannabis in the states where it is legal to grow and consume. This portion of the documentary will also look at the uses for cannabis how the legal states are putting their new taxes to use. This section will also take a look at my favorite subject: the new cannabis millionaires, and how cities like Bolder are changing.

We have a lot of interesting stories to tell. This project is going to be crazy fun! Stay tuned.

And the Wheel Turns

The restart of planning The Great Hemp Tour has much to do with events that are helping this project go forward, both in my state and in my personal life.

First off…

Wisconsin Loves Hemp!

The State of Wisconsin passed into law industrial  hemp — allowing farmers in the Badger State to resume the growing of hemp after about 70 years of not being able to do so.

To think that two years ago the law could not even get a hearing, and now it passed in both Houses unanimously! The Governor signing this into law is incredible — showing me that something is going on in the area of cannabis and hemp not only in Wisconsin but other states as well.

These actions give me hope that we will see more in Wisconsin! That’s just great.

I Have a Team!

I am just one man, and no one man can do everything on his own. It is for this reason that I’ve gathered together — and am very fortunate to have — a super team.

In time, I will post their bios here so you have the opportunity to know them as I have come to know them. In the meantime, here’s a brief rundown:

  • Lauren Tharp  the hard-working editor of this blog and will be the copywriter for official documents coming out from The Great Hemp Tour.
  • Jason Love is the DP of the Great Hemp Tour.

I could not be doing the Tour without them.

Fantastic things are on the way. Stay tuned!

Death and rebirth


My the time you read this post my Mother will have or be close to passing, from this earth.

In the last moths, I have learned so much on Medicinal Marijuana to the lack of movement on Cannabis in Wisconsin, with Medicinal Marijuana being a focus due to my mother’s final illness, and how the use of this herb could have done so much to ease my mother’s pain and perhaps helping with my  mother’s elder mental issues.

Yes, sadly we all will grow and will die, however to think that ANYONE should suffer as my mother has when Cannabis use could have done so much to ease her pain but can not be in this state.

Was my mother going to start a Meth lab, run Crack, or start a Heroin ring?

Please! This bullshit about Cannabis needs to end, my mother last illness has shown that I must be more active in my work in the Cannabis field.

To do this my best action will be to ramp up efforts here as a effort to educate others and take the field to cover and report events on the Cannabis area.

These events not only be local state and regional events but national ones.

More details to come soon.

May God receive my Mother into the gates of heaven

Elder Issues part two


Recall the line for the want of a nail…

In the case here, its easy Cannabis has been shown IMHO to be useful in the issues effecting my Kin, yet in Wisconsin they cant get it.

Why at their age they are going to start dropping LSD?

I know start a Meth lab!

Sadly in my case here, death perhaps a slow painful one is the only option.

So what, should Cannabis be a death sentence (its not BTW) at least they be at peace NOT in physical or mental pain.

Yet not here not in Wisconsin. We will let you drink and drive for some time before you face jail time, both Heroin and Meth are issues and major ones but by God Pot is just evil do not even think about it for use to help in Illness.

Sigh, very upset that with so many States on board with Cannabis and more going that way Wisconsin sees fit to think that the facts on legalizing Cannabis around the county is simply not true maybe Fake News or maybe just maybe long term backers of both parties do not want to lose market share to a Herb so easy grown and offering so many benefits.

Wish I could make the fools go to nursing homes and see the suffering

Update on happenings and plan for 2017

‘You have noticed a drop in postings on this page, that’s because its been a hard few weeks being that  during this time I lost my Step Father to Cancer and dealing with elder issues with my mother.

You will never know how helpless you feel when a loved one is suffering and there is nothing you can do other then watch them suffer.

CR471M A conceptual look at Alzheimers disease, and some of the problems it brings.

Suffering from Alzheimer’s like Cancer is an illness that from my reading Medical Cannabis MIGHT offer help if only to help relive pain.

Myself, I believe in my reading Cannabis can offer more then just help with pain, but more research is needed.

I do hope that President Trump pushes this when he takes office so with luck we can find cures with the use of Cannabis can be started

PLEASE have a plan in place so God forbid you are faced with finding help for a loved one when they nor you can help them.



By the new year my mom be in some assisted living and I can devote more time to this blog.

I am hoping to step up the Podcast then as well


For the win! And it is a Green Rush



We had three states vote to legalize personal use of Cannabis,   California, Massachusetts and Nevada . Two others Maine and Arizona, the votes have not been finalized, please read your local news for results, please  check and recheck any news you find via Social Media.

Three others states Arkansas, Florida, and North Dakota voted to legalize Medical Marijuana, and Montana improved the law they have on the books.

This as I stated before will create a huge Green Rush as the above markets get close to opening there will be huge needs that need to be filled.

These needs include “Budtenders” to The trades and more markers come on board skilled labor being a HVAC installer to a Web Page designer will be in high demand pay will only go up.

Then as wages get spent in locale area this will in turn begin to spin off more jobs.

In the past I have speculated on the economic impact, sorry to say I was wrong. I under estimated how big this will be.

Lets look at a CNN report ” For the states where recreational use is legal, it seems to have been a boost to the economy. The marijuana industry created more than 18,000 full-time jobs last year and generated $2.39 billion in economic activity in Colorado, according to an analysis from the Marijuana Policy Group.

Both California and Nevada are expected to be BIGGER! Oregon is expect to see a Billion alone.

What will this Crop create as the growth of Cannabis hits say 10 Billion a year?

Only good things I expect



Our First Hemp Hero Sue Degregorio-Rosen


As a a high energy skilled Professional Registered Nurse, possessing strong communication & administrative skills with over 18 yrs of management experience and 30+ yrs as a trauma/burn/ER specialist, & with a keen analytic ability to successfully resolve issues and to exceed standards for outstanding commitment to the future the self evident of outcomes and to the continued support for Medicinal Marijuana…….


Note: I have known Ms Rosen, and from Day one. she has been very helpful in my own efforts to understand issues around Hemp, Medicinal Marijuana and my own issues coming to grips with the real History vs what we are told to believe.

I could not think of anyone better to be our first Hemp Hero!