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It Has FINALLY Begun!!

It Has FINALLY Begun!!


Yes! The film project we’ve been talking about for months is FINALLY under way!


Part One is the official Kickstarter, which you can find at http://canhempsavetheworld.com


On the Kickstarter page, you can read about the project, donate (please!), and view our teaser trailer to get a better understanding of the film itself.


Mr. Jason Love did a great job on the Kickstarter and – WOW! – the teaser trailer looks fantastic! His ability to nail the concept of industrial hemp, and how its use gradually fell away, is clearly shown.


In working with Mr. Love on this project, I’ve seen him go from work-for-hire to genuinely wanting to know more about how the use of hemp can positively impact his family (both now and in the years to come). Perhaps by clothes made from hemp grown, and then tailored, in the USA? Maybe plastic made from hemp – a far better option than plastics made from oil? His options are limitless, and it’s been wonderful to see him expand his knowledge; not just for this project, but in his personal life as well!


As for myself, I’ve been excited about the opportunities this project presents for me to do more for agriculture, American farmers, and average Americans who want to have a better impact on the environment.


However, we need YOUR help, via donations (thank you in advance!) and by your sharing the link! http://canhempsavetheworld.com Both elements (donations and shares) are critical to our success, and our team is very thankful for ANY help you can provide.


Updates will be posted on the Kickstarter page and the Great Hemp Tour Facebook page. We will also be doing an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) update on Periscope and Facebook Live – so stay tuned for those events, and get your questions ready!


With your help and God’s will, this project will be a reality very, very soon.


Let’s do this thing!

Wow! Begins in 4 days.

After many fits and false starts, the time has finally come!

It comes after the death of my mother (expected) and my daughter (not expected). After ideas thought of and discarded. Ideas tried, pitched, then canned as not workable.

It comes after a documentary on the Milwaukee Mob was successfully made, a demo reel was created, and a short film that few will ever see… But this is finally it.

I have found a creative team I trust and can work with: my great writing editor Ms. Tharp, and the famous Jason Love (Video Cool Dude).  So thankful to have found them.

Kickstarting the Documentary

Some successes (the Mob film) others not (the short film that I will not name) have led me to the point that I can say that on 7/4/18 the Kickstarter will go live! (Note: there might be a delay with the holiday since Kickstarter has to give an OK , but we hope a delay will not happen).

This Kickstarter will, of course, be posted here as will all updates. The team and I are counting on you to help, if only by sharing it with others.

I picked Independence Day to start the Kickstarter for I strongly feel that  industrial hemp will help many small farmers stay farming and stay independent of Big Corn (but that’s another topic all together).

Other News and Ponderings

What I found to be crazy is that someone I thought, due to her faith, would not like the project has been VERY helpful! Whereas another individual, who, I assumed, would, if not be interested, at least be able to help me to understand more regarding the human cost of the War on Drugs, has instead gone all Reefer Madness on the idea of legal cannabis and hemp. Its crazy! Then again, there’s a lot of money to be made by backing the War on Drugs… Disappointing and surprising, to say the least. But not discouraging as we still have plenty of great people on our side!

On other news: Ms. Tharp has picked up a full-time gig, so she might be delayed coming by here to fix up the posts on the blog — you have been warned!

In conclusion: Get ready for July the 4th!

It’s Go Time!! Let’s do this!

Delay Finds Greatness!

We had hoped to be ready with the crowdsourcing aspect of the documentary by the beginning of Hemp History Week  (starting June 4th); however, upon looking over what steps still need to be done, Jason Love and I thought “yes, we could get everything ready to have the effort launch on June 4th… but why not take the time to make the launch golden versus rush to get the effort done?”

After all, this is a very large scale documentary with content coming from around the country! Issues will occur and take time to fix.  Taking chances with mistakes not being caught is too great a risk.

So, as we set a new date for the launch, we quickly saw we had the opportunity to create an animation to not only increase engagement in the documentary but help break up the interviews and help explain the harder-to-grasp concepts. A very winning idea! 

Something else we can do is to gather more information to better show what industrial hemp means to the American farmer, as well as to the general economy. I think that this alone will blow your mind and convince many in government positions that the time to act to fix issues in industrial hemp is NOW. 

Mr. Love will use this added time to, we hope, pay a visit or two to…well…let’s just say the best spokesmen on the issue of hemp. 😉

We also have a new logo in the works! I’ve attached a preview below, though keep in mind that the text still has to be adjusted.

Stay tuned! More news coming soon.


My Fellow Team Member

As with any great project, we have a team!

This team, for the series of industrial hemp cannabis documentaries,  is made up of individuals who will create a documentary series second-to-none when it comes to the media, the research, and making sure the best product is created to ensure YOUR questions are answered in an interesting and engaging way.

We seek to educate, not browbeat. We aim to shine a light not to feed the BS (there is far too much of that now!). And we plan to have fun doing so.

So who is the other member of the team?

Jason Love!!

Mr. Love lives in Stutervant, WI, is a father of two, and is one of the best stage magicians going. Thanks to his magic, he has been on late night talk shows and preformed across the Midwest.

Jason also teaches animation/ film-making to local high schoolers as well as STEAM via the county extension program.

He is also very active on YouTube  helping to educate on Autism.

I have gotten to know Mr. Love from our work on our Milwaukee Mob documentary released Via VIMEO PPV. This documentary, The Milwaukee Mafia: Frank Balistrieri, will be showing opening night at this year’s Midwest Weirdfest to be held 3/9 – 3/11 in Eau Claire, WI  http://www.midwestweirdfest.com/  

The link to the PPV for the Mob Documentary can be found here: http://vimeo.com/252175820

Jason Love was also a big part of my demo reel, as you can see here:   https://vimeo.com/242812569 

I can not think of anyone more skilled in film-making to be part of this team. Welcome, Jason Love!