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It Has FINALLY Begun!!

It Has FINALLY Begun!!


Yes! The film project we’ve been talking about for months is FINALLY under way!


Part One is the official Kickstarter, which you can find at http://canhempsavetheworld.com


On the Kickstarter page, you can read about the project, donate (please!), and view our teaser trailer to get a better understanding of the film itself.


Mr. Jason Love did a great job on the Kickstarter and – WOW! – the teaser trailer looks fantastic! His ability to nail the concept of industrial hemp, and how its use gradually fell away, is clearly shown.


In working with Mr. Love on this project, I’ve seen him go from work-for-hire to genuinely wanting to know more about how the use of hemp can positively impact his family (both now and in the years to come). Perhaps by clothes made from hemp grown, and then tailored, in the USA? Maybe plastic made from hemp – a far better option than plastics made from oil? His options are limitless, and it’s been wonderful to see him expand his knowledge; not just for this project, but in his personal life as well!


As for myself, I’ve been excited about the opportunities this project presents for me to do more for agriculture, American farmers, and average Americans who want to have a better impact on the environment.


However, we need YOUR help, via donations (thank you in advance!) and by your sharing the link! http://canhempsavetheworld.com Both elements (donations and shares) are critical to our success, and our team is very thankful for ANY help you can provide.


Updates will be posted on the Kickstarter page and the Great Hemp Tour Facebook page. We will also be doing an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) update on Periscope and Facebook Live – so stay tuned for those events, and get your questions ready!


With your help and God’s will, this project will be a reality very, very soon.


Let’s do this thing!

What Will the Documentary Look Like?

Let’s go over what I am thinking the documentary series will look like so you’ll have a better understanding of what all will go into this.

We are looking at doing a YouTube series versus DVD or Amazon Prime since my experience from my mob film* (which you can see on this page) was that very few people will pay to see content since there is so much content you can see for free. Even 99 cents is too much for many to pay these days!

On YouTube, you can monetize the shows for about the same rate as Prime. And yet, for whatever reason, many will not use Prime to view a show yet they will watch the same show on YouTube. No idea why! That’s just been my experience. (I’d love to get your ideas on why).

Anyway, if we look at what would have been a DVD with a run time of about 60 minutes as a “season,” this is what we have:

Season 1

Return of Industrial Hemp to Wisconsin:

  • The history of industrial hemp in Wisconsin
  • The removal of hemp from Wisconsin agriculture
  • The Return of  industrial hemp to Wisconsin
  • Economic impact

Season 2

The Promise Medical Cannabis:

  • Known treatments
  • CBD oil as a cancer treatment
  • Cannabis use in opioid addiction treatment
  • Future possibilities

We will go out of the way to ensure that all who watch know that THEY NEED TO TALK TO THEIR DOCTOR!

Season 3

Promise and Pitfalls:

  • Economic boom in legal states
  • Medical research
  • Cannabis millionaires
  • Penny stock frauds
  • Quack cures
  • Issues to overcome in banking

We’re hoping to get any type of fund drive going at the start of Hemp History Week, with pre-production completed in mid July 2018, and the shows going up on YouTube in August 2018.

I estimate that the cost of this production will be between $8,000 and $15,000.

Understanding how the project will make the money back is important, but that will be for another post.

Until next time.


*Note: The mob documentary may be sold soon. If so, it will only be available via Amazon Prime. Watch it for free while you can!

And there I was

This will be a far longer post then I have done in the past. My editor, Ms. Tharp, will not be happy but I am thankful to have her help. [Editor’s note: I’m always happy to help Wayne!]

The reason why I feel the need to speak out more than usual is easy to explain: After doing numerous tests on Twitter and Facebook, I found that most of my “Engagements”  were bots. Yes, bots… In other words, the “people” I thought would be interested in what I had to offer were not, and could not be relied on.

How could I possibly take any action while knowing I had very little — if any — support to help in ether funding the project or spending even $0.99 to watch the film? After all, actors needed to be paid, food needed to be bought, editors must be compensated, and paid-for stock photos were needed…

Needless to say, I was very upset. I thought that the idea of The Great Hemp Tour was a great idea! But now? Maybe it’s up to someone else to do it.

With my film on the Milwaukee Mafia actually getting done (thanks to the support of real people, not bots), I’m starting to realize my passions may be better served on that project (and its related projects). I’ve been considering just ending everything on The Great Hemp Tour. Perhaps I’ll sell the domain name and just continue on with with my mob history projects.

Oh, and if you’d like to watch my first mob documentary, you can view it below:

( See? PROOF that I have the ability to not only finish projects, but do them well!)

And life went on…

I learned how to get projects on Amazon Prime and how the math works to get paid (you do not), and the same with YouTube (you can).

My Films got into a few Film Fests as well!

And life went on.

Looking to do other mob projects for YouTube, I held a casting call in Kenosha last Saturday. I thought I could find a few actors to use on future YouTube shows on the mob; however, little did I know the call would be attended by so few…

Since there were only a couple of us in attendance, I invited the actors to stay and hang out. It was the best thing I could have done!

Among the actors, I found a woman who has written a book (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) on cannabis use and etiquette. She’s currently looking to get back into acting and interested in helping to move cannabis forward.

Another woman, working in aromatherapy and as an herbalist, shared her knowledge on the many uses for cannabis and hemp in herbal settings (wow — what a resource!).

Then we found someone who lives in Madison who was very good at helping others to feel at ease and has the ability to get others to open up and keep talking — the perfect person you would want on camera conducting interviews! She would be key in helping to set up interviews, be it a “(wo)man on the street” sort of thing or talking to State political leaders on the subjects of hemp and cannabis.

Dismiss me as a fool, if you like, but this all seems a little TOO perfect. So the question is:

Is this God giving me a sign to continue The Great Hemp Tour?

How does one know the will of God?

A burning bush would be cool!

A phone call would also be nice (but that’s not going to happen).

I wish I knew for sure, but all of these factors coming together certainly feels like a “sign” to me!

I’ll be doing a lot of thinking on this. As well as looking into steps on how to further explore and gauge interest on social media (I’m so tired of getting played by bots!).

Maybe YOU can give me a sign as well? Reach out to me. Tell me if any of this is of interest to you! You can connect with me on Twitter @GreatHempTour and send me a message.

Is The Great Hemp Tour worth saving? Should I continue with my plans for it?

I’m listening.

I am a bad bad man

Yesterday I committed a crime.

My crime was to post a statement on on Facebook (yes; the forum of understanding)  to respond to a post on issues getting cannabis in Wisconsin. I stated that we need to reach out to members of the GOP that can be educated on the benefits of medical cannabis to see how, by working together, we can get some type of medical cannabis passed in Wisconsin.

After all, industrial hemp passed both houses unanimously so I can only think that some members of the GOP have an understanding on cannabis now — or are at least open to learning more.

Well, I must have said something like I was going to burn houses down or drown kittens by the response I received. Mostly along the lines of “we” can never work with the GOP and to even think anyone could was 1000% evil, or worse.

I did not expect that. After all, I am told by those on the Left that they are willing to talk to and work with “anyone.” I am told that all the time. However, in practice, this seems to not be the case! Only those who are politically “pure” on all issues can be talked to — and, of course, since they are of pure/correct thought, no further education is needed.

Sadly, I had thought that after getting the industrial hemp law passed here perhaps Wisconsin was going to see others of all political types come together to see what we could do to move ahead on cannabis. I’m realizing now that this isn’t the case… Now, I’m thankful that we got industrial hemp passed at all!

Governor Walker is NOT going anywhere.Robin Vos, Speaker of the Assembly, leader of Wisconsin GOP, will be Governor after him. So unless other members of the GOP can be brought on board to show unity on the issue of cannabis, nothing will change since the Left here shows little (if any) interest in working with anyone who might not be “pure” of thought.

At least I know that, for the documentary, it will do me little good to reach out to that group for interviews or fact checking.

Very thankful that I will not have to.

A funny thing happened…

For years I have been so broke it was almost a joke, living in a dying city. I’ve suffered strokes AND cancer, and it’s been damn hard. At times, my wife and I would wonder how we were going to maintain our home, or even just “get by.”

Life events have changed thanks to a small inheritance I acquired. It wasn’t a TON of money, but far more then I expected. For that, I am extremely grateful.

Having money to do more then just scrape by is not only letting me fix up my home, but allowing me to invest in all forms of hemp — be it industrial hemp (for food, fiber, and fuel) to cannabis (ranging from medical use to personal use).

As I wrote here previously, my mother and my step-father could have used cannabis for much-needed relief during their painful last days.

Imagine my surprise to find others who are interested in the endless possibilities in the hemp arena! From not only looking at the opportunities offered by the hemp itself, but taking an interest in assuring the safety in growing of our hemp, I’ve found wide support online.

I’ve been burned in the past, trying to work with others in the hemp world, but things are starting to look up. Even some of the “good ol’ boys” have been very willing to work with me. Some of them might be a bit crazy… but where the hell has being normal ever gotten anyone in the field of hemp, right?

In fact, if it was not for the “crazies” in the 1980s wanting to see the days of hemp as a viable crop in America return — and to see cannabis come out from under the bullshit demonetization of the ’50s — where would we be now? And, I’m sorry, but the “War on Drugs” was a war on US, the American people. We NEED “crazy” individuals to stand up and say “No thanks: We want our hemp!”

But let’s not dwell on the past. Let’s all look forward to the days to come. Personally, I’m looking forward to what use I can make of myself in the coming days — sort of like  Nehemiah seeking a way for God to remember him for good. I want all of YOU, my readers, to remember me as my best possible self, and the efforts I made in this great world of hemp and cannabis!

As a side note: You may have noticed that my favorite editor is back now that I can afford to pay her again. I believe that no one with skills should work for free, and I’m happy that she’s on board again so that you won’t go blind from reading my error-ridden posts!

States that grow Industrial Hemp as of 1/17


Following States are growing  Industrial Hemp either for research  under the last Farm Bill:

Hawaii, Kentucky, Indiana, Minnesota, North Dakota,Oregon Tennessee

The Following are growing Industrial Hemp Colorado, Kentucky, Oregon, Tennessee and Vermont

My understanding is that 33 states have bills in progress that would allow the growth of industrial hemp

Bills have been introduced in the past, in both houses to remove Hemp from the definition of Cannabis.

These bills have not passed at this time. However there is hope that they will be soon.

Events in this area will change fast without much lead time best to pay attention, not be fooled by others who may have an agenda having little or nothing to do with Cannabis/Hemp but much to do with shilling for a political view you may not agree with


Everyday there is lots of Opportunity in Hemp

Hope the beginning of Summer has been good for you.

Here well I cant complain other then my focus the old “shinny” idea right I think we all to a degree have this some of us are better then others about dealing with it (focus) it is what it is and life goes on nothing bad at all.

As you know I download a lot of Podcasts  I live love love the one that Canna Insider does you can find them here:  http://www.cannainsider.com/welcome

On Monday I downloaded one on Cannabis stock investing, great show learned a lot what floored me  was when the guest spoke of the difficultly of advertising Cannabis products  came as a shock.

How many sites like Facebook will not allow Cannabis products to be advertised and the efforts to over come this. That alone was interesting .

After a few there I was weeding, the idea of how I could make an impact in a big way hit me!

Best of all my idea would

Provide a closed platform

Verify Age

Allow adverting AND be sure the ads be engaging/interactive

Be fun

provide multiple streams of revenue

So needless to say but I will anyway rather happy with my idea, I even called a leading Hemp Company and have a meeting next week to talk about this!




Thinking I found my first pick!

Note NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE Entertainment only



Recall I said part of the renewal be looking at Stocks on or about Hemp Penny Stocks that for fun I would, list them and talk about the why I thought they be good investments.

Then track them and report back, after all every day I read that Hemp is a gold mine  and as I think this is true, more on the  industrial hemp, then Pot lets see what my experiments bring out.

That is the point here is to have some fun.

Like to say that after cleaning my Office due to Project X and finding a good $60 in Lottery Tickets proving I do not understand Odd well, at least with this I have more fun and a far better chance to make money vs giving it to the State of Wisconsin.

Our First Stock is

Two Rivers Water & Farming Company.

http://www.2riverswater.com/  price per is .62

the Company from the Yahoo Finance  web page :  Two Rivers Water & Farming Company acquires and develops irrigated farmland and associated water rights in the Arkansas River Basin in southeastern Colorado. The company owns approximately 7,465 gross acres of irrigable farmland. It produces and markets fruit and vegetable crops on its irrigated farmland, and provides wholesale water distribution. The company was formerly known as Two Rivers Water Company and changed its name to Two Rivers Water & Farming Company in December 2012. Two Rivers Water & Farming Company was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Denver.

When you read the statistics they are still losing money, why I like the Stock is the idea that the company is into Water in a time that Water is a huge issue, they also doing Truck farming in a growing area, I also have hope that the Company is working with Hemp Farmers who also need Water and that this will pay off big over the next few months



Faster then I ever thought

hemp field 3


You may have seen this story


” The Connecticut State Senate has approved a bill that would allow the production and processing of industrial hemp in the state…. ”

Wow, great news! I was not even aware they where doing anything and now boom looks like soon Farmers will be growing and getting income from Hemp!

Can’s beat that with a stick.

Goes to show how fast events are moving in this country,that is very good to see.

In My own State, Wisconsin  events are underway to do industrial hemp where this effort goes this year, I have no clue.

There is also an effort to back off the recreational use  laws in Wisconsin this year, however that effort is not expected to do much.

The Story above goes to show me how fast Hemp efforts are moving in the USA.

Folks, this effort needs our help!

We need to be calling/writing our elected reps to make sure they know where We the voters stand on the issue  that to us, Hemp is an issue that brings us to the polls to vote, that we pay attention to how they vote.

My hope is that by writing to our Reps they get the clue the time to act is now!