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Wow! Begins in 4 days.

After many fits and false starts, the time has finally come!

It comes after the death of my mother (expected) and my daughter (not expected). After ideas thought of and discarded. Ideas tried, pitched, then canned as not workable.

It comes after a documentary on the Milwaukee Mob was successfully made, a demo reel was created, and a short film that few will ever see… But this is finally it.

I have found a creative team I trust and can work with: my great writing editor Ms. Tharp, and the famous Jason Love (Video Cool Dude).  So thankful to have found them.

Kickstarting the Documentary

Some successes (the Mob film) others not (the short film that I will not name) have led me to the point that I can say that on 7/4/18 the Kickstarter will go live! (Note: there might be a delay with the holiday since Kickstarter has to give an OK , but we hope a delay will not happen).

This Kickstarter will, of course, be posted here as will all updates. The team and I are counting on you to help, if only by sharing it with others.

I picked Independence Day to start the Kickstarter for I strongly feel that  industrial hemp will help many small farmers stay farming and stay independent of Big Corn (but that’s another topic all together).

Other News and Ponderings

What I found to be crazy is that someone I thought, due to her faith, would not like the project has been VERY helpful! Whereas another individual, who, I assumed, would, if not be interested, at least be able to help me to understand more regarding the human cost of the War on Drugs, has instead gone all Reefer Madness on the idea of legal cannabis and hemp. Its crazy! Then again, there’s a lot of money to be made by backing the War on Drugs… Disappointing and surprising, to say the least. But not discouraging as we still have plenty of great people on our side!

On other news: Ms. Tharp has picked up a full-time gig, so she might be delayed coming by here to fix up the posts on the blog — you have been warned!

In conclusion: Get ready for July the 4th!

It’s Go Time!! Let’s do this!

Delay Finds Greatness!

We had hoped to be ready with the crowdsourcing aspect of the documentary by the beginning of Hemp History Week  (starting June 4th); however, upon looking over what steps still need to be done, Jason Love and I thought “yes, we could get everything ready to have the effort launch on June 4th… but why not take the time to make the launch golden versus rush to get the effort done?”

After all, this is a very large scale documentary with content coming from around the country! Issues will occur and take time to fix.  Taking chances with mistakes not being caught is too great a risk.

So, as we set a new date for the launch, we quickly saw we had the opportunity to create an animation to not only increase engagement in the documentary but help break up the interviews and help explain the harder-to-grasp concepts. A very winning idea! 

Something else we can do is to gather more information to better show what industrial hemp means to the American farmer, as well as to the general economy. I think that this alone will blow your mind and convince many in government positions that the time to act to fix issues in industrial hemp is NOW. 

Mr. Love will use this added time to, we hope, pay a visit or two to…well…let’s just say the best spokesmen on the issue of hemp. 😉

We also have a new logo in the works! I’ve attached a preview below, though keep in mind that the text still has to be adjusted.

Stay tuned! More news coming soon.


Cooking with Gas

We are setting a date and time to interview members of both the Wisconsin State Assembly and Senate for the documentary (shhh… we not going to tell you who quite yet!).

We are also planing to bring on a member of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture  to talk about the subject of the rising of industrial hemp in Wisconsin after 60+ years of being illegal to grow in this state — crazy in itself right?

The interviews should take us a few days to get on tape and edited, but I feel this is so needed to help the public understand what the process is like, and the mindset of the political leadership getting the job done.

When I talk to others more than once, I find out that how laws get made, even at the state level, is not well understood. This needs to be more highlighted.

The legislators we will be talking to have unique issues they are dealing with, especially when compared to, say, some of the general public that is only looking at cannabis use.  

The plan as of now is to visit one set in the AM then the other set in the PM. I was planning to get a talking head to do the interviews (due to my own slurred speech due to my stokes), but, after much thought, I’ve decided that the passion I bring to the interviews overcomes my speech issues! But, just to be on the safe side, we will use subtitles to be sure everyone can understand what is being said.

We are hoping to get this project rolling in late May 2018.

Keep Rocking!

Needed: Broadcast Journalists

I was thinking to have actors do interviews, but then I realized I would likely have to educate them on cannabis and perhaps even how state governments work…

I realized it may be better to use an actual broadcast journalist for the projects I have in mind (or even agricultural journalists who may have that as a base). This way, I can do pre-production activities that do not include Agriculture 101 Training for actors.

I also believe that a legitimate broadcast journalist would not only do a great job, but they would bring a special brand of passion to the production — versus “acting” (where we can all tell the passion is faked). I want to stay away from falsified interest.

Not only should this journalist grab our viewers’ attention and keep them focused on the production, but we’re looking to get the audience engaged enough to buy stickers and other bling we will be selling in order to fund the effort.

Industrial hemp will be the first topic covered in the series — helping the audience to understand how plants grow, and perhaps explaining some simple terms. We’ll also be discussing how hemp influenced us historically in the past, as many still believe it was a threat to cotton and timber. (This is why I’d prefer to get someone with an agricultural background of some sort).

Our “Talking Head” should be far more than just a pretty face. They must be able to convey an interest that is not faked and is very much from the heart.

If you think you could fill this role, or have a recommendation for someone who could, contact me at wclingman@wi.rr.com or message me on Twitter @greathemptour

The purpose of the Documentary

What is the purpose of the documentary?

Easy. It’s meant to educate the masses on the subjects of industrial hemp and cannabis.

Too many far more intelligent people then I am have no real clue when it comes to cannabis education. And, worse, believe the lies they were told by others. I don’t blame them — at one time I trusted those liars too!

My idea is that by providing an education in a fun, non-threatening way, we can bring about a change of thinking and, I hope, gain more supporters to use hemp-based products and bring full legalization of cannabis to America.

In the film, we will discuss how many states have legalized hemp — focusing on the State of Wisconsin, where, just a few years ago, the law could not get a hearing passed…but is now being passed into law with bi-partisan support. We investigate this journey, going into details about how it all went down.

We will also show how far the idea of cannabis has come as a treatment for illnesses (from cancer to PTSD). Not long ago, this idea was dismissed out of hand. Now, more and more research is showing that cannabis is indeed a life saver. We’re going to focus on how cannabis continues to make a huge positive difference — from the very young to the very old — for the population in America.

We will also take a look at the billions being made on cannabis in the states where it is legal to grow and consume. This portion of the documentary will also look at the uses for cannabis how the legal states are putting their new taxes to use. This section will also take a look at my favorite subject: the new cannabis millionaires, and how cities like Bolder are changing.

We have a lot of interesting stories to tell. This project is going to be crazy fun! Stay tuned.

I am a bad bad man

Yesterday I committed a crime.

My crime was to post a statement on on Facebook (yes; the forum of understanding)  to respond to a post on issues getting cannabis in Wisconsin. I stated that we need to reach out to members of the GOP that can be educated on the benefits of medical cannabis to see how, by working together, we can get some type of medical cannabis passed in Wisconsin.

After all, industrial hemp passed both houses unanimously so I can only think that some members of the GOP have an understanding on cannabis now — or are at least open to learning more.

Well, I must have said something like I was going to burn houses down or drown kittens by the response I received. Mostly along the lines of “we” can never work with the GOP and to even think anyone could was 1000% evil, or worse.

I did not expect that. After all, I am told by those on the Left that they are willing to talk to and work with “anyone.” I am told that all the time. However, in practice, this seems to not be the case! Only those who are politically “pure” on all issues can be talked to — and, of course, since they are of pure/correct thought, no further education is needed.

Sadly, I had thought that after getting the industrial hemp law passed here perhaps Wisconsin was going to see others of all political types come together to see what we could do to move ahead on cannabis. I’m realizing now that this isn’t the case… Now, I’m thankful that we got industrial hemp passed at all!

Governor Walker is NOT going anywhere.Robin Vos, Speaker of the Assembly, leader of Wisconsin GOP, will be Governor after him. So unless other members of the GOP can be brought on board to show unity on the issue of cannabis, nothing will change since the Left here shows little (if any) interest in working with anyone who might not be “pure” of thought.

At least I know that, for the documentary, it will do me little good to reach out to that group for interviews or fact checking.

Very thankful that I will not have to.

And the Wheel Turns

The restart of planning The Great Hemp Tour has much to do with events that are helping this project go forward, both in my state and in my personal life.

First off…

Wisconsin Loves Hemp!

The State of Wisconsin passed into law industrial  hemp — allowing farmers in the Badger State to resume the growing of hemp after about 70 years of not being able to do so.

To think that two years ago the law could not even get a hearing, and now it passed in both Houses unanimously! The Governor signing this into law is incredible — showing me that something is going on in the area of cannabis and hemp not only in Wisconsin but other states as well.

These actions give me hope that we will see more in Wisconsin! That’s just great.

I Have a Team!

I am just one man, and no one man can do everything on his own. It is for this reason that I’ve gathered together — and am very fortunate to have — a super team.

In time, I will post their bios here so you have the opportunity to know them as I have come to know them. In the meantime, here’s a brief rundown:

  • Lauren Tharp  the hard-working editor of this blog and will be the copywriter for official documents coming out from The Great Hemp Tour.
  • Jason Love is the DP of the Great Hemp Tour.

I could not be doing the Tour without them.

Fantastic things are on the way. Stay tuned!

Representative Scott Krug Hemp Hero

In a return to action our first new Hemp  Hero is :

Representative Scott Krug


Elected to Assembly since 2010, Rep. Krug has been active in promoting agriculture of all types — so it should come as no shock to see Scott active in bring hemp to Wisconsin, and bringing it to the former glory this crop once was.

Rep. Krug kept me in the loop in regard to the pro-hemp efforts and answered my many questions on how the bill was going in the Wisconsin capitol.

In my opinion, it was due to Rep. Krug’s work educating others that this bill passed unanimously in both Houses. It’s pretty wild to think about when you remember that, just a few year ago, a similar bill could not even get a hearing.

Due to this great Wisconsin leader, Wisconsin farmers can once again grow hemp here for the first time in over 70 years!

I have had the honor of knowing Rep. Krug since 2010. We met on social media where we talked about farming and issues revolving around my trying to restore my home.

Rep. Krug understands the impact industrial hemp can have on the farmers of this great state far more than most. I look forward to his activity in allowing the processing of industrial hemp in this state into fiber, food, and fuel. These products will surely be used not only here in the Badger State, but the other states in the union, and perhaps even exported to markets already enjoying the fine agriculture we have to offer!

My great thanks to you, Sir, for your efforts! Let’s all raise a glass to our first Hemp Hero: Rep. Scott Krug!

On Wisconsin Forward!

So the great State of Wisconsin is back in the hemp farming business! WOW!

My thanks to Governor Walker and the lawmakers on both sides who made this happen!!

As I said on my Facebook live, I thought the Wisconsin Tavern League feared any type of hemp farming would lead first medical cannabis, then more expanded medical cannabis, then personal use (this would take 5 years or 10 years). The  Wisconsin Tavern League see hemp cutting into their profits and this cannot be allowed to happen. Many in Wisconsin feel that the lack of hard drunk driving laws is due to the money Wisconsin Tavern League spends on lobbying.

Wow, was I wrong!  And I’m so glad to be wrong.

The Wisconsin Bill to allow Industrial Hemp Farming passed both Houses unanimously! That’s right: unanimously! So even if Governor Walker tried to veto the bill, the backers knew he be overridden — but my understanding is the Governor had no intention of doing so. A very good thing!

It gets better: I understand that a group of investors maybe looking at restarting a paper mill using hemp grown in Wisconsin for paper products and are looking into doing something with hemp fiber.

Myself, I hope to be able to use hemp seeds from hemp grown in Wisconsin

Its been about 60 some years since this state grew hemp. It gives me a good feeling that we are starting to do so again. What a great day!

What Role Do Drones Play in Cannabis Growth?

We all have read about drones, be it the ones the Army uses to raise hell in our never-ending wars around the world, or the toys like the ones I bought for my grandkids to play with (quite fun!).

But waging war and having fun are just two of MANY uses for these wondrous tech devices. The uses that have caught my attention as of late are their applications in farming, inspections, and Constitution projects.

Let’s look at the farming aspect for a moment. This use for drones can — and will — be key to the Cannabis arena going forward.

Why? Well, here are just a few examples:

  • Drones can be used to take air samples in grow rooms, cutting down on possible contamination by workers.
  • Drones can also capture video coverage of the grow rooms, checking for pests and plant conditions (drones the size of your hand can do oh-so-much!).
  • For large grow rooms/buildings, farmers can make use of larger drones, adding to their overhead security 24/7. This will also help to provide route security for transport of cash and product.
  • Even in hemp fields, drones can be used to check on crops — just like they are currently being used in corn fields — saving both time finding crop issues and money solving them.

The costs of buying and owning drones are not only coming down fast but the ROI is repaid quickly by the sales in cannabis and hemp. For an initial expense, you stand to earn more money in the long run by bringing your farming operation into the 21st century.

For less than $1000, you can obtain training to fly a drone at a professional level. Learning how to properly operate your equipment ahead of time will also cut down on your expenses overall. After all, there’s nothing like buying an expensive piece of equipment, and then crashing and burning straight out of the box!

Get the drone, invest in the training, and explore all the opportunities out there for you and your operation!