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My Editor

Hello again, Everyone!

It’s time you met another important member of my team: my esteemed editor. Her name is Lauren Tharp. (The lovely girl on the left).

Lauren is a multiple award-winning freelance writer, and the owner of LittleZotz Writing. She’s been the Head Editor for several publications, and we’re lucky to have her as the editor for The Great Hemp Tour blog.

Why Lauren is the Best in the Biz

I first met Lauren in 2012, and we spent the end of the world (Dec. 21, 2012) talking to each other on my podcast. It wasn’t long after that we became close friends, and have been ever since. She’s one of my favorite people in the entire world — and a professional I greatly admire.

Of course, it didn’t take Lauren long to realize that, as good as I am at talking, I suck at writing. No spell check in the world could catch all of my mistakes! And that, of course, was a hindrance when it came to communicating on this blog (and any of my other blogs!).

When I could afford to, I hired Lauren on retainer and she’s been my editor ever since. And she does a fantastic job! (Trust me: if she wasn’t around to catch all of my various errors, this blog would be nearly unreadable!).

She’s quick, efficient, affordable, and doesn’t tease me too hard when I make dopey mistakes. She’s a pleasure to work with, and I plan to utilize her skills even further when we start producing written materials (e-books, etc.) for The Great Hemp Tour.

If you’re looking to hire a freelance writer or editor to make your blog posts perfection, head over to Lauren’s site and have a look around. She gives free mini consultations/price quotes! (You can also hire her as a mentor if you prefer to learn how to do things yourself).

Glad to have you on the team, Lauren!