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The idea works


Well the idea works in principle , I can grow Mushrooms in the very bad Clay fill using Wood Chips and Rabbit Manure.

To this in a large operation, i would (and will) take steps to control contamination, humidity, and other nasty things that could harm a Mushroom Grow operation.

Something else to take in account is what to grow thinking Button Mushrooms not as much money as in say Oysters but I can turn a crop better outside save the Oysters for a controlled  indoor growing operation.

a side affect to the Mushrooms is how the clay fill will be broken up by the   mycelium  running in the Clay looking for food, with the organic matter from the Garden and the composting Wood chips thy should find plenty of food and come Spring the clay be easier to work with when planting time around

Far better results then I thought.

And now Mushrooms


Some of you might know, I have been experimenting with the indoor Growing of Mushrooms (no not THAT kind) as a away to earn a few $$ grow more food to eat plus some of the health benefits they can provided. That alone make interesting reading, all the cool heath benefits

Let me first say NEVER eat a Mushroom you do not know are 100 % safe

The world of Mushrooms is a very interesting one some examples,

There is a Mushroom that eats Plastic, Mushrooms can be used to clean Brownfields, removing hvy metals from the soil, make the soil safe to grow food in or build homes in and around.

Been working on my experiments for a few years, as with many projects started under capitalized creating issues and unneeded set backs.

So after a few years to quote Edison I know lots of ways that will not work. The school of hard knocks is a fucking bitch and then some.

Now, I find myself in a space where I can spend a few bucks to buy the equipment needed to do the effort the right way and not the cheep let’s hope it works way.

The investment needed is less then $100 to grow with luck and planing I hope 20 Lbs.

The idea is to grow them in my Cool (not Cold) Basement in Saw Dust and Straw then when the Run is done use the Saw dust Straw in the Compost for the Garden in the Spring.


Lets see what happens. Be fun be interesting and you never know, things might go way wrong and I create Mushroom Zombies!