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Representative Scott Krug Hemp Hero

In a return to action our first new Hemp  Hero is :

Representative Scott Krug


Elected to Assembly since 2010, Rep. Krug has been active in promoting agriculture of all types — so it should come as no shock to see Scott active in bring hemp to Wisconsin, and bringing it to the former glory this crop once was.

Rep. Krug kept me in the loop in regard to the pro-hemp efforts and answered my many questions on how the bill was going in the Wisconsin capitol.

In my opinion, it was due to Rep. Krug’s work educating others that this bill passed unanimously in both Houses. It’s pretty wild to think about when you remember that, just a few year ago, a similar bill could not even get a hearing.

Due to this great Wisconsin leader, Wisconsin farmers can once again grow hemp here for the first time in over 70 years!

I have had the honor of knowing Rep. Krug since 2010. We met on social media where we talked about farming and issues revolving around my trying to restore my home.

Rep. Krug understands the impact industrial hemp can have on the farmers of this great state far more than most. I look forward to his activity in allowing the processing of industrial hemp in this state into fiber, food, and fuel. These products will surely be used not only here in the Badger State, but the other states in the union, and perhaps even exported to markets already enjoying the fine agriculture we have to offer!

My great thanks to you, Sir, for your efforts! Let’s all raise a glass to our first Hemp Hero: Rep. Scott Krug!

Jesús Malverde Hemp Hero LONG POST


A bit about the Saint

From Front Line story read the full story here

Frontline Story

The much shorter version

…The story of Jesus Malverde takes place during the reign of dictator Porfirio Diaz (1877-1911). The Porfiriato, as the era is known, was a time when big business, especially foreign-owned big business, was encouraged above all else. Diaz saw himself as the rest of the world saw him: as Mexico’s modernizer. Yet progress passed by millions of Mexicans, who remained as impoverished as ever. As the century turned, the country fermented with the social anarchy that would explode in the Mexican Revolution. The hills and back roads of Mexico were alive with banditry, some of whom would become folk heroes to the country’s poor.

The legend is that Jesus Malverde was one of these, a bandit who rode the hills near Culiacan. They say Malverde robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. A Mexican Robin Hood. It must have been true, for they say the government hung him and left him to rot in a tree. That was on May 3, 1909. Every year on that day there’s a great party at Malverde’s shrine….


Some say he is just a made up Saint co oped by Drug Dealers.

As I see things He is far far more then that

Many things have not worked out  for the Great Hemp Tour few wanted Shirts Few cared about the Podcast

I dropped the hour format since I made clear that the Great Hemp Tour was going to fund itself and with no T shirt Sales the Hour Blog Talk Show had to go.

I kept the Hosting since the package for hosting was cheep plus I can use it for other projects so I kept it.

Was more then ready just to walk away from the Great Hemp tour since the only idea most waned was a focus on the 420 smoking Weed vs my idea on Hemp being the use for Fuel Food and Fiber.

I also had the great displeasure of dealing with a few  scammer types some  pitching stocks they had salted, some “writer” wanted to do a story on me if I paid $2500 (wait, what?)  and more, Yes sir the Hemp is just like the Gold Rush even like the early days of the Railroad booms and just as full of Con men

Yes, I was frustrated, unhappy, and mega bitter.

Time goes on…


Found my old   Jesús Malverde Charm I had bought a few years ago got out some Wine made a request for guidance, thinking what the hell, then this morning more Wine and some Chocolate.

Followed all this up after watcing a badly done show on the Sueside Girls this question;

Do these go together: Hemp, Lucha (as Lucha Underground) Pin ups 50’s 60’s Crime and Hot Rods?

The answer I got back was a big YES!

I can live with themes, I can live with Hemp of all types (and I know it will be more Smoking then anything) with the other parts of the theme, Know I can link them in many ways in writing about them doing A News type Web  Show   keeping to them

Say seeing what the Hemp World might be like in Milwaukee and a Strip Club or two

Stories on Pin Ups past and present be cool the whole 9 yards.

I was worried Am still that my Addiction issues creep up and in after quitting drinking , knowing how many of my kin did not deal so well I hate to lose to addiction I have no plans at all to smoke any at all

Planning to keep this interesting lets see what happens



Jim Spodick Chiba Hero

Jim Spodic

I Have known Mr. Spodick for well over 15 years both in Good times and bad, an interesting man who many say came into his own now when he was a major property owner in Downtown Racine but after due to the crash starting in 2008, Jim lost his holdings in Downtown Racine, unlike many looked hard on what was going on around him, for the first time perhaps saw as others did the real goings on in the City of Racine and started to speak out.

I, myself renewed my friendship with Jim during this time, working with him and during the fight to try to save CAR 25 began to see a Racine ran for the benefit of a few mostly the pals of Mayor John Dickert, as many see events.

Mr. Spodick may not be a property owner in Downtown Racine anymore, Jim is know as a man who works with others to expose the Good Old Boys and the games they play be it his documentary film   Pattern or Practice  work with the Equity Project.

I am looking forward to his You Tube Channel on how the Good Old Boys are working on the fun and games

To me he fits the idea of a Hero

I Had Jim on the Podcast last week here is the show  take a gander


Check Out Current Events Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with The Great Hemp Tour on BlogTalkRadio

Jamie (Hiatt) Campbell Petty Hemp Hero!

Jamie (Hiatt) Campbell Petty


The most interesting fact I have found in starting The Great Hemp Tour are the number of leaders working long hard hours to move issues on Hemp forward so we may all get to a point where the legal use of Hemp is allowed for all purposes ,where American farmers are  growing/harvesting for Americans to use perhaps to be the country exporting Hemp around the World

Most of the time the Leadership is made of of strong Women like Jamie who when I talked to her yesterday was in the process of getting information needed at an Upcoming Farmer’s Market then having to batten down the hatches of her family’s  Homestead in the face of yet another Thunderstorm.

Founder, President of Indiana Hemp Industries Association as well Farmer helping others get organized to help with the Hemp effort, answering calls to answer question and help me with information, I do not know how Jamie can do it all with a smile on her face and a good word for all.

She is a Hemp Hero


Twitter @JamieINHIA



Our First Hemp Hero Sue Degregorio-Rosen


As a a high energy skilled Professional Registered Nurse, possessing strong communication & administrative skills with over 18 yrs of management experience and 30+ yrs as a trauma/burn/ER specialist, & with a keen analytic ability to successfully resolve issues and to exceed standards for outstanding commitment to the future the self evident of outcomes and to the continued support for Medicinal Marijuana…….


Note: I have known Ms Rosen, and from Day one. she has been very helpful in my own efforts to understand issues around Hemp, Medicinal Marijuana and my own issues coming to grips with the real History vs what we are told to believe.

I could not think of anyone better to be our first Hemp Hero!

Hemp Hero

Will be doing a category  where I highlight what I call Hemp Heroes, those going above and beyond to promote, help educate, work on legalizing Helm to the public  and/or members of elected Government leaders, on the facts of Hemp and the uses of this plant.

Please feel free to Email The Great Hemp Tour on who you like to see as a Hemp Hero.