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The Cooking Show!



As we take advantage of the oppertunties by the Great Hemp Tour, the biggest I see is the huge interest in better food better eating that more and more are interested in being able to do!

A very good idea when so many Americans are wanting to improve heath see growing their own food to eat or at least know where it comes from how the crops are grown.

The Great Hemp tour wants to be a part of this effort will be doing so by doing a Cooking Podcast!

How this will work is our Chief, will discus a recipe how to prepare same the heath benefits.

We are hoping then to have a Farmer on as well to talk about how he grows that  crop, tools used, ingredients, be posted on a social media photo site of some sort.

My job be to keep everything straight.

The Great Hemp Tour be also be offering E-Books on the meals we hope in time including coupons for the ingredients/Tools.

Yes we rock like that sponsorships are available! Act quick before they are gone!