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Wow! Begins in 4 days.

After many fits and false starts, the time has finally come!

It comes after the death of my mother (expected) and my daughter (not expected). After ideas thought of and discarded. Ideas tried, pitched, then canned as not workable.

It comes after a documentary on the Milwaukee Mob was successfully made, a demo reel was created, and a short film that few will ever see… But this is finally it.

I have found a creative team I trust and can work with: my great writing editor Ms. Tharp, and the famous Jason Love (Video Cool Dude).  So thankful to have found them.

Kickstarting the Documentary

Some successes (the Mob film) others not (the short film that I will not name) have led me to the point that I can say that on 7/4/18 the Kickstarter will go live! (Note: there might be a delay with the holiday since Kickstarter has to give an OK , but we hope a delay will not happen).

This Kickstarter will, of course, be posted here as will all updates. The team and I are counting on you to help, if only by sharing it with others.

I picked Independence Day to start the Kickstarter for I strongly feel that  industrial hemp will help many small farmers stay farming and stay independent of Big Corn (but that’s another topic all together).

Other News and Ponderings

What I found to be crazy is that someone I thought, due to her faith, would not like the project has been VERY helpful! Whereas another individual, who, I assumed, would, if not be interested, at least be able to help me to understand more regarding the human cost of the War on Drugs, has instead gone all Reefer Madness on the idea of legal cannabis and hemp. Its crazy! Then again, there’s a lot of money to be made by backing the War on Drugs… Disappointing and surprising, to say the least. But not discouraging as we still have plenty of great people on our side!

On other news: Ms. Tharp has picked up a full-time gig, so she might be delayed coming by here to fix up the posts on the blog — you have been warned!

In conclusion: Get ready for July the 4th!

It’s Go Time!! Let’s do this!

Cannabis Crowdfunding Consulates

Cannabis Crowdfunding Consulates is my new business bringing to the cannabis startup world my team’s background in crowdfunding,  helping to insure you will be as successful as possible.

Whether you have a business just starting out making hemp shirts, or a bio-tech company looking to do state of the art research in cannabis, crowdfunding offers a lot of benefits to start up’s — far more then just revenue.

This is something that we at Cannabis Crowdfunding Consulates  understand and understand well.

The team has a wide range of experience from online marketing to video production.

We can, for a fee, do everything from help a start up understand what crowdfunding can and can’t do, to organizing your campaign, to helping you fulfill rewards, to encouraging continued engagement from backers.

We’re happy to talk a bit during an initial consultation at no charge. When you hire us, you will find our fees reasonable (and we understand the word “barter” if you have an interesting offer).

Pondering a new Twitter handle — and the website is in progress — but, for now, reach out at @Greathemptour.