The Great Hemp Tour is a  series of Road trips to document the revitalization of Hemp in America.

We will look at States that are just starting the efforts, States that are growing the Crop as was done prior to the huge effort to demonize this plant ,  as many see events to  crush Hemp only  for the benefit of Big Business that saw and still may see Hemp as a threat to their interests, such as Cotton and Timber.

As well States who are just starting to talk about what roll Hemp should play in their State if any.

Interesting to see so much grass roots efforts going into action in so many States in this county.

A bit about me:

Wayne Clingman living in Racine WI, Army Vet 79-82 US Army 83-86 USAR

Do a lot in film was part of the effort to pass film incentives leading to the first “Film Wisconsin” Bill. (now ended)

Also was a Cable Commissioner  for the City of Racine CATV station, ran a Film Fest for a couple of years.

Became very interested in Hemp as I studied issues around addiction as my family has been hurt by both legal (Alcohol) and Hard Drugs (Heroin)

Boy did I get an education.

Hemp IMHO is a Plant with many uses and benefits.

Be it Food Fuel or Fiber, should be legal to smoke Regulate it and tax the fuck out of it, just like Booze.

use wayne@thegreathemptour.com


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