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It Has FINALLY Begun!!

It Has FINALLY Begun!!


Yes! The film project we’ve been talking about for months is FINALLY under way!


Part One is the official Kickstarter, which you can find at


On the Kickstarter page, you can read about the project, donate (please!), and view our teaser trailer to get a better understanding of the film itself.


Mr. Jason Love did a great job on the Kickstarter and – WOW! – the teaser trailer looks fantastic! His ability to nail the concept of industrial hemp, and how its use gradually fell away, is clearly shown.


In working with Mr. Love on this project, I’ve seen him go from work-for-hire to genuinely wanting to know more about how the use of hemp can positively impact his family (both now and in the years to come). Perhaps by clothes made from hemp grown, and then tailored, in the USA? Maybe plastic made from hemp – a far better option than plastics made from oil? His options are limitless, and it’s been wonderful to see him expand his knowledge; not just for this project, but in his personal life as well!


As for myself, I’ve been excited about the opportunities this project presents for me to do more for agriculture, American farmers, and average Americans who want to have a better impact on the environment.


However, we need YOUR help, via donations (thank you in advance!) and by your sharing the link! Both elements (donations and shares) are critical to our success, and our team is very thankful for ANY help you can provide.


Updates will be posted on the Kickstarter page and the Great Hemp Tour Facebook page. We will also be doing an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) update on Periscope and Facebook Live – so stay tuned for those events, and get your questions ready!


With your help and God’s will, this project will be a reality very, very soon.


Let’s do this thing!