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It Has Begun!

Yesterday was the first full day of shooting for The Great Hemp Tour!

My editor, Jason Love, and I drove to Madison in quite the heavy rain storm (at times there was maybe 100 yards of visibility), and we ran a bit late; however, we eventually made it safely to our destination — where we interviewed  Sen. Patrick Testin of Wisconsin (of the 24 District).

Being that Sen. Testin was one of the leaders in introducing the bill that would bring industrial hemp back to Wisconsin after 70 some years is HUGE. In fact, the return of industrial hemp is one of (IMHO) the best events to impact farming in this state. It will bring in, in just a few short years, tens of millions — if not hundreds of millions — of dollars to the Badger State farmers. That is a great thing indeed!

The interview went on for about hour, and I learned a lot that I did not know.

I am thankful that Sen. Patrick Testin is on the job with industrial hemp. As he pointed out, they have hit a small bump with the Wisconsin Department of Justice as it comes to BCD oil; however, Sen. Testin told us that he believed that once the parties sat down and talked, all issues would be resolved. I was very happy to hear this.

Overall, this first interview went very very well.

What Happened Next?

Next up, Mr. Love and I spoke with Brian Kuhn of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, and head of the the Industrial Hemp Program within the Department of  Agriculture.

Mr. Kuhn was a rather interesting man to talk to about hemp, and the information he had was amazing! For one, the State had over 250 sign-ups for the program (by comparison, the State of MN had 8 in 2017). That’s a damn a huge number! The estimated number of acres to be planted is 2000 as of this time, and more information on the totals will be known in late June.

Mr.  Kuhn stated that the interest in hemp in Wisconsin was far more then he expected, and he highlighted the number of packed events, including the Milwaukee Hemp event (which was overwhelmed with the number of visitors!).

Kuhn went out of his way to ensure we understood that the State of Wisconsin Legislators opened this Hemp program as wide as they could as allowed by the Farm Bill of 2014.

Both men and I agree that the State of Kentucky should know and understand that we of the Badger State were once the number one or number two hemp state of the Union… Well, we are coming for our title again!

Great first day of the documentary shooting! More news to come soon. Stay tuned.

Cooking with Gas

We are setting a date and time to interview members of both the Wisconsin State Assembly and Senate for the documentary (shhh… we not going to tell you who quite yet!).

We are also planing to bring on a member of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture  to talk about the subject of the rising of industrial hemp in Wisconsin after 60+ years of being illegal to grow in this state — crazy in itself right?

The interviews should take us a few days to get on tape and edited, but I feel this is so needed to help the public understand what the process is like, and the mindset of the political leadership getting the job done.

When I talk to others more than once, I find out that how laws get made, even at the state level, is not well understood. This needs to be more highlighted.

The legislators we will be talking to have unique issues they are dealing with, especially when compared to, say, some of the general public that is only looking at cannabis use.  

The plan as of now is to visit one set in the AM then the other set in the PM. I was planning to get a talking head to do the interviews (due to my own slurred speech due to my stokes), but, after much thought, I’ve decided that the passion I bring to the interviews overcomes my speech issues! But, just to be on the safe side, we will use subtitles to be sure everyone can understand what is being said.

We are hoping to get this project rolling in late May 2018.

Keep Rocking!