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My Fellow Team Member

As with any great project, we have a team!

This team, for the series of industrial hemp cannabis documentaries,  is made up of individuals who will create a documentary series second-to-none when it comes to the media, the research, and making sure the best product is created to ensure YOUR questions are answered in an interesting and engaging way.

We seek to educate, not browbeat. We aim to shine a light not to feed the BS (there is far too much of that now!). And we plan to have fun doing so.

So who is the other member of the team?

Jason Love!!

Mr. Love lives in Stutervant, WI, is a father of two, and is one of the best stage magicians going. Thanks to his magic, he has been on late night talk shows and preformed across the Midwest.

Jason also teaches animation/ film-making to local high schoolers as well as STEAM via the county extension program.

He is also very active on YouTube  helping to educate on Autism.

I have gotten to know Mr. Love from our work on our Milwaukee Mob documentary released Via VIMEO PPV. This documentary, The Milwaukee Mafia: Frank Balistrieri, will be showing opening night at this year’s Midwest Weirdfest to be held 3/9 – 3/11 in Eau Claire, WI  

The link to the PPV for the Mob Documentary can be found here:

Jason Love was also a big part of my demo reel, as you can see here: 

I can not think of anyone more skilled in film-making to be part of this team. Welcome, Jason Love!