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A funny thing happened…

For years I have been so broke it was almost a joke, living in a dying city. I’ve suffered strokes AND cancer, and it’s been damn hard. At times, my wife and I would wonder how we were going to maintain our home, or even just “get by.”

Life events have changed thanks to a small inheritance I acquired. It wasn’t a TON of money, but far more then I expected. For that, I am extremely grateful.

Having money to do more then just scrape by is not only letting me fix up my home, but allowing me to invest in all forms of hemp — be it industrial hemp (for food, fiber, and fuel) to cannabis (ranging from medical use to personal use).

As I wrote here previously, my mother and my step-father could have used cannabis for much-needed relief during their painful last days.

Imagine my surprise to find others who are interested in the endless possibilities in the hemp arena! From not only looking at the opportunities offered by the hemp itself, but taking an interest in assuring the safety in growing of our hemp, I’ve found wide support online.

I’ve been burned in the past, trying to work with others in the hemp world, but things are starting to look up. Even some of the “good ol’ boys” have been very willing to work with me. Some of them might be a bit crazy… but where the hell has being normal ever gotten anyone in the field of hemp, right?

In fact, if it was not for the “crazies” in the 1980s wanting to see the days of hemp as a viable crop in America return — and to see cannabis come out from under the bullshit demonetization of the ’50s — where would we be now? And, I’m sorry, but the “War on Drugs” was a war on US, the American people. We NEED “crazy” individuals to stand up and say “No thanks: We want our hemp!”

But let’s not dwell on the past. Let’s all look forward to the days to come. Personally, I’m looking forward to what use I can make of myself in the coming days — sort of like  Nehemiah seeking a way for God to remember him for good. I want all of YOU, my readers, to remember me as my best possible self, and the efforts I made in this great world of hemp and cannabis!

As a side note: You may have noticed that my favorite editor is back now that I can afford to pay her again. I believe that no one with skills should work for free, and I’m happy that she’s on board again so that you won’t go blind from reading my error-ridden posts!

What Role Do Drones Play in Cannabis Growth?

We all have read about drones, be it the ones the Army uses to raise hell in our never-ending wars around the world, or the toys like the ones I bought for my grandkids to play with (quite fun!).

But waging war and having fun are just two of MANY uses for these wondrous tech devices. The uses that have caught my attention as of late are their applications in farming, inspections, and Constitution projects.

Let’s look at the farming aspect for a moment. This use for drones can — and will — be key to the Cannabis arena going forward.

Why? Well, here are just a few examples:

  • Drones can be used to take air samples in grow rooms, cutting down on possible contamination by workers.
  • Drones can also capture video coverage of the grow rooms, checking for pests and plant conditions (drones the size of your hand can do oh-so-much!).
  • For large grow rooms/buildings, farmers can make use of larger drones, adding to their overhead security 24/7. This will also help to provide route security for transport of cash and product.
  • Even in hemp fields, drones can be used to check on crops — just like they are currently being used in corn fields — saving both time finding crop issues and money solving them.

The costs of buying and owning drones are not only coming down fast but the ROI is repaid quickly by the sales in cannabis and hemp. For an initial expense, you stand to earn more money in the long run by bringing your farming operation into the 21st century.

For less than $1000, you can obtain training to fly a drone at a professional level. Learning how to properly operate your equipment ahead of time will also cut down on your expenses overall. After all, there’s nothing like buying an expensive piece of equipment, and then crashing and burning straight out of the box!

Get the drone, invest in the training, and explore all the opportunities out there for you and your operation!