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The Great Hemp Tour Reborn

The dead are not coming back, after we morn our lost life goes on to wallow in sadness does them nor us any good, in fact just the opposite, for their life to have meaning do we not need to build on what they did?

I think so, my kin folk are dead and gone I must build on their efforts.

To that is using what I am given to undertake The Great Hemp Tour!

So yes, its underway!

We will in this tour look at the State of Hemp and Cannabis in the following States:





You will notice that the states run the gambit from Go for it (Colorado) to “Not here do not even think about it” (Wisconsin)

As well we will cover a few Cannabis events in Colorado in person was hoping California but not at the prices charged for entry

Much more to come! Much Much more!




Death and rebirth


My the time you read this post my Mother will have or be close to passing, from this earth.

In the last moths, I have learned so much on Medicinal Marijuana to the lack of movement on Cannabis in Wisconsin, with Medicinal Marijuana being a focus due to my mother’s final illness, and how the use of this herb could have done so much to ease my mother’s pain and perhaps helping with my  mother’s elder mental issues.

Yes, sadly we all will grow and will die, however to think that ANYONE should suffer as my mother has when Cannabis use could have done so much to ease her pain but can not be in this state.

Was my mother going to start a Meth lab, run Crack, or start a Heroin ring?

Please! This bullshit about Cannabis needs to end, my mother last illness has shown that I must be more active in my work in the Cannabis field.

To do this my best action will be to ramp up efforts here as a effort to educate others and take the field to cover and report events on the Cannabis area.

These events not only be local state and regional events but national ones.

More details to come soon.

May God receive my Mother into the gates of heaven

Elder Issues part two


Recall the line for the want of a nail…

In the case here, its easy Cannabis has been shown IMHO to be useful in the issues effecting my Kin, yet in Wisconsin they cant get it.

Why at their age they are going to start dropping LSD?

I know start a Meth lab!

Sadly in my case here, death perhaps a slow painful one is the only option.

So what, should Cannabis be a death sentence (its not BTW) at least they be at peace NOT in physical or mental pain.

Yet not here not in Wisconsin. We will let you drink and drive for some time before you face jail time, both Heroin and Meth are issues and major ones but by God Pot is just evil do not even think about it for use to help in Illness.

Sigh, very upset that with so many States on board with Cannabis and more going that way Wisconsin sees fit to think that the facts on legalizing Cannabis around the county is simply not true maybe Fake News or maybe just maybe long term backers of both parties do not want to lose market share to a Herb so easy grown and offering so many benefits.

Wish I could make the fools go to nursing homes and see the suffering

Elder Issues


So my Mom has dementia, this happens everyday around the world, a damn horrific illness.

To see someone you love lose their mind slowly is hard, in my Mom’s case looked to me that one day she was find then the next her mind was gone.

One can see the pain in her eyes when she does not know who someone is that calls here Mother, or worse when she has her mind but knows at some point in the day close to dark she will not.

I can not image what that must be like, we seen this play  out with my Father, that too was a hell that my mother dealt with vs putting him in a home, something he did not want and my mother made us kids swear we would not do.

None of us kids have the skills to care for our mother at the state she is in now and that is bad enough, its one pill after another pill everyday the Dr want a new one.

Now we know the research tells us that Cannabis help a lot in keeping my mom happier, but this is Wisconsin and our State thinks that should my Mom use Cannabis she be out in a car selling Crack? Maybe running a Meth Lab I know! She start a gang of fellow home  residents selling Heroin!

To think that something as a herb like Cannabis that help my Mom and others like her have some peace cant be had because? Anyone? Please ANYONE?