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Politics of Hemp

Of course Cannabis/Hemp is  politcal.

After all so much money is tied into this simple Crop,from the Billions to be made in the States that have or will legalize this crop to the prison industry who are in line to loss billions if Cannabis  becomes legal.

So I get why those groups are doing what they do to get the powers that be to support what the interest want, after all some in office are getting a lot to campaign on (and God knows how much cash in envelopes or blow jobs behind closed doors) after we are talking billions at hand.

What I am NOT getting are some pro-cannabis groups trying to cloud the water when it comes to the Federal government stand on Cannabis.

Should we keep a close eye out? Yes we need to. Should we write and call/write our State and Federal  politcal leaders and share our thoughts? Of course.

One might want to join groups working to change laws at the State and Federal level too

You may want to all of the above. IMHO we all need to

WHAT I am not getting is when groups lie on coming actions in order to stir fear like I saw with Jeff Sessions  is he a fan of Cannabis no we forget that he works for POTUS not the other way around.

We forget that Congress has defunded the DEA with going after some parts of States with Legal Cannabis and the Farm Bill allows States to grow Industrial Hemp.  To that talks are starting on the new farm bill and from what I hear if anything Hemp will be expanded.

So if Sessions wanted to he have a fight on his hands with everything else going on he nor Trump want.

As I see from the growth of the crop, the states allowing use and the FACT that Cannabis is via taxes providing States millions in new revenue shows me if anything to have hope that we will see the Feds move to get Cannabis off Class one.

Perhaps the tour was for me all along


Best thing is knowing what has happen what might happened and what will happen, then act on what you understand.

As it stands The great Hemp Tour as a TV show or even something lived streamed from locations around The USA not likely, The Roku idea is an om going effort and like anything it takes money and time better do the channel vs poorly, reputations are at stake.

Fact of the matter is there is still so much to look at, that I feel should be part of a look at Cannabis/Hemp oh so very much   so such as:

Cannabis Penny Stocks and the scam games vs the great oppertunties that investing gives us.

The hate on the A.G. over Cannabis that so forgets the role of Congress and why that is? Perhaps a long term stock con? Perhaps others trying to keep getting Clinton cash?

The role of the Beer/Wine/Booze companies in keeping Cannabis on schedule one.

The tax revenue received in the States where its now legal.

That is only a tip of the Iceberg.

The more I learn the more I want to learn, the more I understand the less I realty do.

Most of all I come to the understanding that here as well as my Twitter account that to be anything other then myself is just damn silly, since I am doing this for me then anyone going to do that and fuck it.

Ideas for employment


As you know I am a BIG BIG fan of a Podcast called Canna-Insider

a show covering the rapidly group world of legal Cannabis.

The take away on this show is the key need to be able to grow Cannabis in a sustainable way, as organically as possible and to repeat this over time.

This insuring the best possible crop, maximizing the return on investment. That being key to being able to continue to find/keep investors in order to keep the doors open.

Unlike the 60’s we are at an age where large scale grows are happening with States demanding that pesticides and other additives are not used.

The skills to do this can be taught as your local Tech School and the cost to learn in a two year program is far cheaper then any four year program

Some skills can be learned on line, and can be useful.

However if your looking to move say from Wisconsin to say Nevada, you may need documentation of the growing skills you have learned.