Monthly Archives: February 2017

We are indeed trouble

So as you know I am looking doing a Roku as not only as a platform to educate on Cannabis/Hemp  but to provide entertainment to those coming to the channel.

The entertainment be in the form of more ” Underground” low budget Indy films that so many fans of Cannabis seem to be and you may know as I am.

To find the best Underground films I can, I with a team of like minded film types will start an On Line Film Fest called Bare Bones Film Fest an on line fest,  some film makers will be offered a chance to be “picked up” by The Great Hemp Tour to shown on that Roku Channel.

This will allow film makers to monetize films they have made as well get the work in front of a large audience, a good thing when so many low budget Indy films never get a chance to be seen, worse some film makers that do get films “picked up”  sadly get taken advantage of therefor may not receive monies owed them.

With my understanding on how Roku works transparency is close to full, payments can be properly made trust in the Channel,the Fest, and myself created.

Great things all around.

One of the major issues I have has was how to create a revenue stream to fund keeping this site up and start more actions for THe Great Hemp Tour.

The plan is to have the Bare Bones Film Fest up and running by the first few days in March.

Stay Tuned!

An idea comes back around

As you know, I have explored using Roku, and then did not pursue the idea due to not having the right information, with my Mother in the home I have had a lot more time to explore issues on doing a Roku with tons of time on my hands, observing the new channles coming on line all the time,  as I did discovered new programs that make the process to create a channel easier, cheaper as well  being able to expand programing as needed.

In my added research, I took the opportunity to talk with fellow indy film makers, a few writers, and retired Hollywood producer.

To a person, all agreed that on paper a Roku the math is very favorable to create a  channel to help not only bring education on Cannabis/Hemp but fun goofy entertainment and that just rocks out.

Not only with educating the public on topics many (to include me)  know little on but a center to house Indy content that otherwise may not have a home and allow creators to get paid! A very good thing.

In many ways this is a throw back to my days in helping to run Cable Access 25 The City of Racine Cable Access Channel, thankfully I sill have the skill sets from that.

Biggest issue is obtaining an upgraded system to do the work on with HUGE amounts of storage.