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Size of the Cannabis Market

Always fascinated by the growing size of the Cannabis, when I first started this site (late 2015), I thought the size be around 5 Billion  but now I see this from Forbes 2/16  “…The size of the market for legal marijuana in the United States is projected to grow to $7.1 billion in 2016, according to a report by New Frontier and ArcView Market Research. That represents 26% growth over the previous year, driven largely by adult recreational sales of marijuana, the researchers found….”

What is amazing is the exact size or or even close to the amount of the economic impact of this the states  where is going on as we learn more we only learn good news.

The taxes that States are receiving far exceeded exceptions, a real win as the funds can be used to help fund schools, library, to fund drug treatment programs.

With California, Massachusetts, Nevada and others coming on line this sector will only grow by leaps and bounds.

Let the good times roll

States that grow Industrial Hemp as of 1/17


Following States are growing  Industrial Hemp either for research  under the last Farm Bill:

Hawaii, Kentucky, Indiana, Minnesota, North Dakota,Oregon Tennessee

The Following are growing Industrial Hemp Colorado, Kentucky, Oregon, Tennessee and Vermont

My understanding is that 33 states have bills in progress that would allow the growth of industrial hemp

Bills have been introduced in the past, in both houses to remove Hemp from the definition of Cannabis.

These bills have not passed at this time. However there is hope that they will be soon.

Events in this area will change fast without much lead time best to pay attention, not be fooled by others who may have an agenda having little or nothing to do with Cannabis/Hemp but much to do with shilling for a political view you may not agree with


2017 so far


A quick general update:

  1. My mom is still in the home, sadly she will not be coming out alive, more sad is that the help that Cannabis be in calming her mind and soothing her pain is not allowed in the State of Wisconsin.  Of course my 85 year old mother will if she ever gets Cannabis will jump to Meth/Heroin. Having to switch homes a trip to Hospital has sucked up a lot of time as you can image.
  2. Blog Talk Radio in a change to service plans will only allow me to do about 60 shows. I must find another platform once I start doing them again, be critical that the show is planed out way in advice, as I look for this platform
  3. Expect testing of ideas to better generate income to pay for this site. to include working on branding products to Cannabis. This could be huge looking forward to the possablties.
  4. My thanks to all the visitors over the year + this site been up on the web