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For the win! And it is a Green Rush



We had three states vote to legalize personal use of Cannabis,   California, Massachusetts and Nevada . Two others Maine and Arizona, the votes have not been finalized, please read your local news for results, please  check and recheck any news you find via Social Media.

Three others states Arkansas, Florida, and North Dakota voted to legalize Medical Marijuana, and Montana improved the law they have on the books.

This as I stated before will create a huge Green Rush as the above markets get close to opening there will be huge needs that need to be filled.

These needs include “Budtenders” to The trades and more markers come on board skilled labor being a HVAC installer to a Web Page designer will be in high demand pay will only go up.

Then as wages get spent in locale area this will in turn begin to spin off more jobs.

In the past I have speculated on the economic impact, sorry to say I was wrong. I under estimated how big this will be.

Lets look at a CNN report ” For the states where recreational use is legal, it seems to have been a boost to the economy. The marijuana industry created more than 18,000 full-time jobs last year and generated $2.39 billion in economic activity in Colorado, according to an analysis from the Marijuana Policy Group.

Both California and Nevada are expected to be BIGGER! Oregon is expect to see a Billion alone.

What will this Crop create as the growth of Cannabis hits say 10 Billion a year?

Only good things I expect