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The States That Will Vote on Cannabis (with my over/under)

Let’s look at the upcoming votes on Cannabis this Fall with my predictions


After a court fight this will be on a ballot this fall. It will be a close vote, but it should pass.

The aging population will help get this passed assuming  eatables will be allowed. Older folks are not big on smoking but being able to consume Cannabis will help this pass.

Value of market: 100 Million in 5 years


Do we even have to say anything? This should win hands down. It should be huge for the state, not only for investments and jobs but for taxes from the local government to the State.

If this passes, it should lower parts of the state budget dealing with imprisoning small scale Cannabis growers and users of the past.

My  biggest worry  is that this very tax-hungry state will tax this until it’s driven back underground so growers can’t make money (a super high minimum wage could do likewise).

Market size:  1 Billion within 5 years and most likely far sooner.

NOTE: This state will be leading the way in the use of Robotics both in Green House and Field locations.


A smaller state with a long history of of doing what they want, when they want. I foresee little trouble with this passing.

Because of this state’s small size this is a small market worth about 50 Million (this will grow with time).


This state may not pass their ballot due to many not understanding what is involved; however, having passed Medical Cannabis you would think they would pass this for personal use — only time will tell.

Market Value: 100 Million.


A lot of money has been spent on all sides of the issue, with many in the casino world leading the charge to stop this and no I have no idea why. If you do I would love to hear the explanation.

Right now, it’s too close to call.

Market Value : With Las Vegas bringing in so many to the state for gaming, and with Nevada as I understand it honoring other State Medical use cards, should this pass, I see no reason why this State should not out pace all others (including California) for years to come so let’s say 1.5 Billion in 5 years.

Final Thoughts

So I see 3/5 will pass with IMHO 1.5 Billion in new sales in 5 years.

Now how many damn good jobs is that?

Think you want to stay in your rust belt city with no real hope of getting anywhere with your life and achieving your dreams — or will you go West and be part of a gold rush?