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The State of Washington goes for a Billion

On 9/25/2016, I listened to the podcast done by Canninsider with Kelly Ogilvile on the subject of Cannabis Salt and Sweeteners. It’s an interesting topic, but in the first few minutes of the show , Mr. Ogilvile said that the state of Washington’s legal cannabis market would be worth 1 Billion dollars — not 10 million or 100 Million but ONE BILLION.

Just think of all the jobs this will create! Even at a low tax rate, the money for state and local governments (in a time that many states are in panic mode), the tax receipts could go a long way to pay for many needed programs.

I just hope that, unlike California, Washington does not tax the cannabis golden goose to death.

Jobs from growers to budtenders, from truck drivers to Lab techs will be needed and fast.

I highly suggest every one subscribe to the Canniainsider Podcast today!

You might also want to look at your job skills to see if you could be needed in the state of Washington. You may be able to benefit from the wild opportunities coming soon.

Forward into the fog!


I have great news! Lauren Tharp, who owns LittleZotz Writing, has joined the effort of The Great Hemp Tour as an editor!

She has agreed to help by editing some of my writing.

This will help improve the postings here as well help me do a better job of my own in the future from learning from her.

I am thankful for her help with the Great Hemp Tour!

If you like to know more about her and I hope you do go to


Why the break?

As you noticed I have not posed as much as I have, this was due to my Step Father Lee passing from Cancer.

This as you might understand had me take time away from this to help take care of affairs.

Lee was an disabled  USMC vet of the Korean war.  I would like to thank the VA for all the help and care they were able to provide to Lee and my family, very special thanks to the Home care team.

After this my mother was unable to stay at home on her own and has moved in with my Sister to be able to receive the help she needs

Again all this took time. Was glad to be of some help to Lee and my Mom during his last days.

May we all meet death with the same courage and grace.

Thank you