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The idea works


Well the idea works in principle , I can grow Mushrooms in the very bad Clay fill using Wood Chips and Rabbit Manure.

To this in a large operation, i would (and will) take steps to control contamination, humidity, and other nasty things that could harm a Mushroom Grow operation.

Something else to take in account is what to grow thinking Button Mushrooms not as much money as in say Oysters but I can turn a crop better outside save the Oysters for a controlled  indoor growing operation.

a side affect to the Mushrooms is how the clay fill will be broken up by the   mycelium  running in the Clay looking for food, with the organic matter from the Garden and the composting Wood chips thy should find plenty of food and come Spring the clay be easier to work with when planting time around

Far better results then I thought.

Mushroom Progress



As you can see we have a logo my thanks to  for the art work!

The row for the test plot in the Garden is about done, should be adding the Spawn and base wood chips by Friday PM depending on Weather.  With any luck we will see a few Lbs grown still this year, best that when it gets cold the Mycelium will not be killed off but will start growing again come Spring.

Even in the Winter will add Rabbit manure to the Mushroom grow as well start some Grow bags in the Basement

Goal this year is to get something growing this year in 2017 the goal is to grow and sell 100 LB  major success is to grow 500 LB in the Garden.

Love love the Art! My thanks Mr R Man


Lets talk Mushrooms



Why I am talking Mushrooms for?

Well, to be bunt I got to make money doing something, feel that begging for yours other then free will a few bucks not missed is not the thing to do I much rather do work to create something to sell that I can do here with the tools at hand that will return a profit, that I can use to maintain this site and even fund in part or all the Film, Stoners vs Zombies

So after much thought a bit of research I will be growing and selling locally  Mushrooms!

I could shill the T Shirts more do begging (and feel free to kick in a few $$ if you like I will not say no) still a Mushroom grow operation would be best, why?

Can go year round

Costs about $1 per pond to grow and can sell for $8 Lb

Very Low cost to start

Should the Lot grow fail completely the grow operation will still help fix the Clay fill on the lot to be used for the outdoor grow

Like Hemp (Cannabis)  Mushrooms are just starting to reveal their secrets from Medical uses to cleaning up brow fields, more esoteric  uses are in medicine use as an Aphrodisiac in cleaning the Earth be used to eat plastics!

The wildest is how the Fungus maybe able to communicate miles away from other Fungus and perhaps in some ways with people ( Wild right?)

So of course I will share here how all of this is working out so you too can try the ideas out and make a few $$ yourself learn interesting information or even see how my efforts are coming along.

The Mushrooms I will be growing are Push Button and Oyster, when do well with them will start more complex Mushrooms with time the ones that will make your dates far more fun.