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V. R as an educational tool



What is a virtual reality system?
An artificial environment created with computer hardware and software and presented to the user in such a way that it appears and feels like a real environment. To “enter” a virtual reality, a user dons special gloves, earphones, and goggles, all of which receive their input from the computer system.
The basic explanation is above, since 1929 V.R. has been around when I as a Member of the Civil Air Patrol we had an old Link trainer that we did basic training with a lot of fun. Now VR is used in a range of application mostly in training for Industry and Military, saving both time and money in the effort to bring someone up to speed before they use say a M1A1 tank for the first time or flying a 10 million dollar.
Another  popular use is Gaming all ready a 25 Million dollar  if not more business and of course Porn get in as more and more IOT devices are hooked up to a ” Sex Aid” so say some guy can see some porn star in the flesh as the “sex aid” simulates shall we say certain actions  from my reading on this a HUGE part of research going on in the V.R. world. Wild stuff.
V.R. can also be used to create environments from the surface of the Moon to what the inside of an office complex will look at when built.
So to steal a Phrase:
                                                           This is where it gets crazy
One of the big issues in Hemp is education on the issues around the Hemp industry. The use of VR can go along way to help educate and train one could use VR to
Create a Indoor Grow operation show how this may work how one operates
Create an Outdoor Grow
Create a Medical  Marijuana Clinic
Use for classroom to teach facts vs myth on the subjects of Hemp for all uses
Even very interactive gaming with Hemp as a major plot line.
Like I keep saying Hemp is a gold mine

Everyday there is lots of Opportunity in Hemp

Hope the beginning of Summer has been good for you.

Here well I cant complain other then my focus the old “shinny” idea right I think we all to a degree have this some of us are better then others about dealing with it (focus) it is what it is and life goes on nothing bad at all.

As you know I download a lot of Podcasts  I live love love the one that Canna Insider does you can find them here:

On Monday I downloaded one on Cannabis stock investing, great show learned a lot what floored me  was when the guest spoke of the difficultly of advertising Cannabis products  came as a shock.

How many sites like Facebook will not allow Cannabis products to be advertised and the efforts to over come this. That alone was interesting .

After a few there I was weeding, the idea of how I could make an impact in a big way hit me!

Best of all my idea would

Provide a closed platform

Verify Age

Allow adverting AND be sure the ads be engaging/interactive

Be fun

provide multiple streams of revenue

So needless to say but I will anyway rather happy with my idea, I even called a leading Hemp Company and have a meeting next week to talk about this!