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The ROKU Idea expands

Long live Moturais Corporation! Kinda sounds like a name from a horror/Sci-Fi film right?

No what Moturais Corporation is a Media company out of the great state of Kentucky  that using ROKU has 5 ROKU stations and works with two production companies that is bring to fans of Grindhouse Horror  and Sci FI steaming content that  they seek 24/7 plus working on creating original shows.

Best is Moturais Corporation also as two full production companies that are able to do in house or straight work for hire.

This will enable me to seek oppertunties find billable hours.

Guess I should explain that I am Marketing Director  of Streaming Services and in this role am looking for areas we can market our services to clients  allowing a great reach for our partners goods and services at the same time providing great entertainment to our viewership.

I can not think of a better area that will bear fruit then Hemp.

From education, the efforts to legalize, to promoting goods and services with in the Hemp world, I can not think of a better way to assist in this effort then the series of channels within the  Moturais Corporation family.

My thoughts are as well The Great Hemp Tour as well will be coming here as well as Stoners vs Zombies



Hemp is Freedom a very non PC Post

But first a song


The more and more I read on Hemp and the whole “War On Drugs” or like I call it the war on us in some ways like “the war on Terror”

I am coming to find that from the 20’s on been a huge effort to control us economically  and politically.

Take the time to read the history of how Hemp was outlawed and the why behind this effort.

I think you will find as I did that King Cotton, Lumber, and to some degree  Breweries saw their interests in jeopardy needed to be taken care of add to this a huge wave of hate directed to Hispanic labor no longer needed to fill jobs held as USA workers came home from WW II and wanted the jobs back.

What do do? Easy remove Hemp as a crop as an industry so King Cotton can sell more and Lumber used vs Hemp for Paper products.

Then of course you can demonize recreational  uses of the Herb as evil crooks rapers of white women “colored scum” who will steal your daughters corrupt your sons.  a good example is the film Reefer Madness used to convince the public  of a “drug menace”

That was then, this is now.

As Hemp is taking its rightful place back in Agriculture slow but sure, we also not only keep up the pressure to keep moving Helm forward, but take the time to educate our self on how we got to this stage in history what we need to do to move forward as well as not allow the State to tax Hemp to the point where  recreational  uses is driven back underground

IMHO we also need to be very active in politics to not only safe guard Helm but our other freedoms that are more and more under attack.

Get busy raise hell speak to power never give up

Is California killing the Golden Goose?

California yes the State of mind on the west cost  maybe in their never ending quest of feeding the never ending hunger of a State Goverment that needs to go on a diet could be killing Hemp industry that is now employing  thousands if not tens of thousands investing countless millions in new business new tech research  and paying a great deal in taxes.

What am I taking about?

From Mary 6/6/16

Senate Bill 987 Imposes an Additional 15% Sales Tax

Last week, lawmakers in the California Senate voted overwhelmingly to approve imposing a 15% sales tax on medical marijuana, passing the measure by a 27-10 vote on June 1. The bill, Senate Bill 987, now heads to the Assembly for consideration.

In order to pass the Senate, lawmakers used creative wording to circumvent the state constitution, which requires all tax bills to pass with a two-thirds majority vote. Prior to the floor vote in the Senate, the bill was amended to replace the word “tax” with “user fee.”…”

Assembly Bill 2243 Imposes a $9.75/oz Cultivation Tax

In addition to Senate Bill 987, lawmakers in the Assembly passed separate legislation, Assembly Bill 2243. A bill designed to impose a new $9.75 per ounce tax on the cultivation of all medical marijuana. At current wholesale prices of approximately $1,500 per pound, this equates to a 10% tax on the overall value of marijuana, according to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). If imposed, this tax will likely be passed on directly to medical marijuana patients by incorporation into wholesale pricing.

The Assembly passed the bill by a vote of 60-12 on June 2 ….”

Wow well the State needs money  bad the budget running in the red  Companies citing the high taxes high fees and horrific regulations are fleeing to other states, and this will likely continue in every sector many are preparing to flee as the $15.00 HR Min wag law will be going into effect and now the above maybe going to effect soon.

Prices of medical marijuana could get so high that users may be forced to seek their needed help elsewhere, a state who would allow CA  medical marijuana cards to be used might see a flood of new customers seeking the help they need  at prices they can afford.

Perhaps some will seek the underground market risking arrest to get the help they need.

One thing we will see is less investment in tech and starting new companies in a State that is taxing them to death.  Instead they will invest in one or more of the 24 other states that may tax them but not a a rate I can only call a rape of profit, but that is California someone has to pay for the High speed Train no one will ride and the benefits for the workers losing jobs due to the over the top minimum wage Ungodly taxes, fees and regulation.

Perhaps we will see saner leadership stop the over taxing of medical marijuana before California becomes the first state to drive the Hemp Industry out only time will tell and this is why we need to pay attention to what is going on and VOTE