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Robots and Hemp predictions



We know that many Universities and companies are working on Robots to be used in Farming , we know as I type this Robots are used on Farms to Milk Cows Clean Barns preform remote viewing and filling of Water tanks in remote fields.

I myself saw a prototype do cleaning duties of a complex nature with the staff of the exhibit telling of the hours of labor saved. Know that time is money.

More interesting today I heard a Podcast on  Robots being designed by The Australian Center of Field Robotics that in time will be able to not only go to check the status of a crop, apply inputs, treat for pests and when ready harvest a crop! Wow think of the Labor savings that in turn saves money a lot of money a hell of a lot of money.

That is key, if a greenhouse can be paid for in the harvest of a season simply think of the money saved in labor and increased production.

Bogus the mind.

As I write this I can not help but think that in Basement shops University labs and even at John Deere Robots are being worked on for the Hemp industry.

If I was you and had money that  is what I look to invest in,


The ROKU Idea



Let me go into some detail into the plans for the ROKU effort of the Great Hemp Tour/Chiba Chronicles ROKU effort.

This comes about after not only being disappointing lack (that I can find)  of any of compelling content on Agriculture or Hemp.

Mind you that any effort is welcome since fans of each channel are paying the costs of the Channels be they be CBS or something came up  with for Grindhouse fans, its the fan who watches the ads pay (if charged) the monthly fees charged, if you still on the air a year after getting start on air your doing well.

Only by providing compelling content will fans stop to watch in the first place and keep coming back for more, for with 2000+ channels your doing well.

Since this is a channel focusing on Hemp (all legal forms), that of coarse will be covered, we will be talking not only on the steps from growing to marketing of Hemp, there is so much to look at in the 2 Billion US Dollars  Hemp market .

Looking at Hemp as a Crop, we will of course look at other efforts in Agriculture from the GMO fight to what new events such as Robotics to 3 D printing that will change American farming.

We will have no choice but to look at the efforts to crush American Farming by groups that to be hate Farmers of any type be they Beef ranchers to Hemp growers

As much as I like to think that this alone would be enough, I know more will be needed to keep our fans coming back to our channel for the entertainment they like, so what more can we provide?

On first blush with Hemp as a focus we have


Old School Sci-Fi

Old School Crime (30’s crime)

Campy Troma type film

to go along with our Hemp focused content.

I will be reaching out to others for content for this channel and will of course offer shared revenue agreements for anyone sharing content with this efforts.

In the beginning we will be relaying on much we gather from the public domain or we can obtain from others donated or from others cheaply.

We will experiment with the use of Podcasting on ROKU with other experiments with the ROKU platform

If you are interested in this effort please feel free to contact me by Email