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Never thought


Myself  I thought this journey be more or less a straight line the old get a fan base build support do a Web series create the income streams be happy sort of thing.

This tour is kinda of reflective of my life with twists and turns that we all have, mistakes made and move on from, this is true of any effort we make,

Just loving all the opportunity that I see in dealing with Hemp and the needs of this growing crop.

Just know there is a lot more to this then just smoking your brains out a lot more

Talking to a retired commodities broker

As you might know my “Day Job” is doing media consulting.  During a phone consultation with a retired commodities broker on a very cool TV show he was working on I brought up Help and his thoughts on the Crop since he lived  in Oregon and since Hemp was just made legal thought he might have ideas on this subject

Wow, did he ever! Most interesting is his thoughts that Hemp will be a far bigger crop then you and I might think Hemp ever could be. We are not talking simply the 420 market but all the industrial uses of Hemp from Rope to building uses case in point,companies in Hawaii  are looking at Hemp for Dry Wall to insulation helping concrete go further, in Hawaii’s case  shipping from the mainland to the Island is mega expensive, Hemp grown on the Island would reduce the cost of building when used in this way.

Hemp can be used for Feed for Cattle (must be crushed) and far less costly the Hay in the Winter, this plant can also be turned into Bedding as well, and this is just a few of the many points my guy brought up. \

The retired Broker said there are many ways to make good money in the area of Hemp far more then just growing the plant to sell in the 420 far more for knowing how to grow a plant, he was rather forceful in saying if you are interested to start researching not only the Plant but the markers best done by reading the news following Podcasts on the Subject My go to place is Cannainsider that you can find on I Tunes

Being Wrong leads to a discovery



So I was at the Racine Public Library, doing some research that of course got me hot on on subject on Goverment overreach on Ginseng the Rules on harvesting the Plant in the wild, mind you as a kid in the 70’s I would help my pals go out in the woods to look for it. Our leader Bob Z would give his brother Tom and myself some Beer for our help, Bob be very happy if for the weekend we find say a small bag full for him to dry then sell.

Boy things have changed to harvest Ginseng wild you need a permit from the State another if your going to be a buyer proof that the gathers have the right permit  the whole 9 yards, at first glance I thought was more Goverment overreach and was a fool about this on Twitter.

Boy was I wrong!

With just a bit more reading I found out that this plant was due to being over harvested, the Habitat in places destroyed and other issues, to make sure the plant would not die off action need to and was undertaken, a very good thing.

In finding I was wrong I also found out that Ginseng is a crop  of great value can be grown as a crop and can earn up to $500 a Pound!

Wow! Hemp might fetch more but so many hoops to jump over for many in the Midwest where Hemp may not be legal to grow (yet) Ginseng could be a way to in the long term do well for growers!


One can still harvest  wild and make money doing so but please follow the laws and do not fuck the environment, better yet lets help fix it


Spring + Blab and then some

With Spring on the way (yesterday’s 4 ” snowfall not helping) I see more signs of Spring and with that thoughts on moving efforts forward.

To that we turn to the idea of Blab, as you may know Blab is an App that can be used on most Smart devices that allow me to host a video steam and bring on up to 3 others ( a total of 4) and all talk exchange information have guests come on etc.

Should I wish (and hit the right buttons) I can record the shows then put the shows on You Tube or just the Audio as a podcast.

Thinking be best to use with the Podcast I did on Blog Talk Radio for maxim engagment and reach.

This has great impact on the Great Hemp Tour for now I can like a Podcast have a platform I can bring on guest to talk on a range  of topics  about Hemp, best this could be the ticket to doing the great Hemp Tour and not leave the State of Wisconsin or at lease allow a basic understanding of happenings before leaving on a long trip, in this way providing the best interviews, site visits, investigative stops to include in a more in depth effort.

I have started doing test shows of the Great Hemp Tour to learn how best to use the platform so I mess up now before a guest come on then a show go bad due to an error happening that I could I have prevented.

So that is the base plan, this show first the test shows then the ones with guest will be on Tuesday and Thursday at 0900 CST for now just testing of the platform learning how to use it then the guests.

For sure I will let you know when we start doing them with guests.