Monthly Archives: February 2016

Where does time go?


With me, perhaps you too, Winter is a slower time. I turn around twice and boom we have Valentines Day!

Met to post more in the last few weeks, my bad I did not so let me play a bit of catch up.

Got what I think is a winning idea for a campy film to be  Stoners vs Zombies, I will put a “Page” up on his site then put up a Word Press blog on the film too, stay tuned for that.

You know by now I am a big fan of investing be it in Stocks and Bonds or even in yourself.

Please Please Please do your research, going off not prepared will only cost you time and money, when research is easy to do on line or at your local library.

Depending on what your looking for feel free to E mail me if I can help I will be happy to point you in the right direction if nothing else Note: I am not a financial adviser all of that sort of thing is IMHO nothing more please please see one if needed.

Had a few news stories occur, will be talking about them you may find my views are food for thought perhaps action at least entertaining.