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Last Weekend’s Hemp Event (A viewpoint)

So last weekend I went (via Streaming) the Cannabis Health Summit  put on by  Green Flower Media I spent a few hours  on line both Saturday and Sunday.

Had a hell of a time logging in on Saturday, with the same Email I used to sign up for the event and that Green Flower Media uses to send me Emails, had to use a Gmail account to get in, a bit upsetting but  I did learn a lot.

Sidebar The error message I received I understand was how my email interacts at times with WordPress Contact boxes, when I communicated that I was told no this could not be the case since this was a custom site, who knows I was able  get in + learn interesting information some I am still fact checking like ANY INFORMATION ON HEMP THIS SHOULD BE FACT CHECKED.

No slam on Green Media just what I myself do when I am presented with info in the Hemp Field, feel free to do what you will.

The only other issue I and from what I read in the Chat room where having was Buffering issues, this too has happened when more then expected get a feed that is Streaming. A small thing over all.

I did offer my help in up coming events in areas  where I thought I could be of assistance, I was told thanks but no thanks, that’s fine obviously they have the help they need and do not need more.They have my contact info should they want to reach out to me

Green Media is offering DVD’s of the event for sale most likely one can find them on Green Flower Media Web page.

Taking the time to see the event was worth my time, will also see another if and when Green Flower Media holds one.

I will say this was the 2nd event that Buffering was an issue when greater numbers then expected used the Streaming, perhaps this issue should be planed for in advance .

Am temped a bit to estimate the income from the event just for giggles since I ave done large events and consulted on this topic

Wish Green Flower Media the best on the work they do


Stoners vs Zombies WTF?

Stoners vs Zombies!!

So the idea of doing some type of Film project combining two subjects like in this case Hemp and Lucha style fighting been on my mind for some time.

So this came about after my show with Grace Asher on my  Podcast Indy Film Wisconsin then seeing all her fans just go nuts downloading the show saying great things about her being on, nothing rocks more then a fan base seeking to engage! Very very cool!

Then add the fact that the States of Kentucky Tennessee have both working with the growing of Industrial Hemp (I think the number of States doing this is 4 to 6) add to that that I know great folks in that area doing Media work with again a great fan base both in Film/TV Production + Promoting Lucha  but how can I best use that.

My first idea Wild Bunch meeting Lucha  was a nonstarter, milling ideas about had a Hater of Hemp tell me that anyone smoking Cannabis at all is just going to become a Zombie …. A Zombie …… A Zombie …..


You might know that I am a huge fan of Agriculture fighting with others on subjects such as what is in your food, why we can’t know what is in the food we eat


Got the Domain

Going to be fun and a blast




Random school thoughts


So I am back in classes after 30 some years, now the biggest change is how my classes are taught.

Now I am use to someone in front of the classes and teach, the way my classes are taught is by watch videos.

Yes I paid $800+ to watch Videos (no to include books) wild I can watch You Tube Videos on the same subjects for free, yes this is NOT making me happy.

The Graphic Art class is not so bad, there is interaction with the teacher and other kids, the investment class damn have no idea what this will come of this but I am not very happy. Not at all.

Maybe this old dog cant learn new tricks we will see

30 years later






Well, 30m years after I left the U.W. Madison where in Order I studied History, Drinking ,Redheads and Fatherhood, I am going back to school

Yes, at 58 I will be going to classes with kids that could be my kids. Hell even could be my Grandchildren.

Many reasons why from trying to fill time with useful acts, looking for ways to create an income stream to to be bold do something useful in the time I may have left on this Earth

Thinking my best way to do a proactive act to further give back for all I have received in my life is to go to Gateway to study Horticulture  (learning to grow Hemp for industrial use ) and sharing what I learn with others.

Perhaps as well help educate the public on issues with Hemp, the War on Drugs, then with luck find work in the Hemp field, that will I think bring Jobs and investment  to this State.

One part of me is looking forward to this, parts of me are not so much, truly what else is there for me to do? Perhaps we can all learn something from this my return to school.


A test


Strange thing with this page is dealing with Spammers for the last few days I have been dealing with someone/thing for whatever reason, this thing been signing up sometimes over 500 times a day causing no end of grief.

Thought for a bit this was done by others mad after I refused to be set up for what I can only think of as a scam. Payback for my not wanting to be part of that game

After talking to local law enforcement on Anti Spam efforts, thinking I might be a computer program signing up accounts to gain information or takeover the page, but since I control the hosting I simply take down the page, so I am not understanding the issue.

Made some changes on the page that I hope stops this, if not I may end up taking down the page

So let the testing begin