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Is Roku the answer?




Is Roku the answer?

If you are unsure what Roku is Goggle it, far better then the answer I could give, the idea of have over 2000+ Steaming channels is amazing.

The aspect I will be exploring is the idea of creating a “Channel” that would stream programming on Hemp, since the more content the better need to think what else could I find to put on a Great Hemp Tour Channel?

What comes to mind is a bit of programming in Organic Gardening, Urban Farming but perhaps Crime Noir  films some other programming from the seedy side of life.

The Great Hemp Tour use advertising revue to pay expenses as well as create content.

The Goal being that the Channel pay for it’s self with in a few months.

With luck come 1/16 I will be working or at least consulting for a Roku Channel to get more of a background and earn an income to pay to set The Great Hemp Tour up

There is a ton of opportunity in Roku!



It’s a Circus My observations




Wild times , yes wild wild times.

It’s all free will right very much so do what you think best and drive on.

Hemp is Cowboy city and that is fine with me, hell more then fine it’s in this chaos that great wealth can be made by seeing oppertunties where they lie and take advantage of them, for they are sure there.

No one is “in Charge” there is no governing group wild times.

The wild west in many ways like I said Cowboy City USA.

one of my observations is seeing the  the old work for free and one day…. BS see that a lot in Film did not expect to see that as much in Hemp, then I assumed that other be asked to work for free by business owners making money with the idea “one day, next year, or in time  the folks working for free will get something yes sure will get something…

Myself, I do a lot for free I work in my Community in Gardening, helping my Hispanic Neighbors out, and of all things Animal rescue I do what I do I am sure you do stuff too.

As well I do work to move Hemp Forward in the State as I hope you do in yours.

I do so by writing Emails  calling my Elected officials talking to others, you might to happy to do so.

However I will not work for free in organizations where Business are making bank and I am expected to do work for free.

Nor will I ask anyone to do so.

Happy to Barter  for services, if your just starting out need media advice want help learning Twitter etc happy to to that just to help out a new guy just starting out, but got no time to donate to anyone as they make money off my talent.

Am I upset not so much that as I am pissed at me for not saying no before I did and should we see each other at a Hemp event I tell you some stories.