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Hemp is huge!




Last Week I turned on a presentation from a Hemp businesses incubator in Denver Co.

I was impressed not only by the large number of attendees in the room but by the number of businesses presenting ideas looking for interest not only from investors but from customers (at some point) but in some cases like minds.

Also enjoyed the idea that this event was not put on by two drunks in a bar but by Companies investing in the idea that Denver was going to be the leader of the Hemp Business for sometime to come.

Fantastic shows me that wise leaders in Banking know a good thing when they see one.

However, with so many other States opening up to Hemp in one form or another, this could easily change.

Myself I say to anyone looking for oppertunties is not only look into Hemp and how your State might be acting on the issue, but get involved not only politically but economically, what value do you/ your Skill sets/ bring to Hemp in maybe your state or to others State that could be ahead of the curb.

Time to act is now

Using the New Now with the Great Hemp Tour

jumping goat

In the day to do The Great Hemp Tour would have required a crew of at least three A shooter, A sound/lighting guy/talking head  this would mean having a car large enough to put the crew and the equipment in, of course meals for everyone one or two hotel rooms etc.

All this adds up fast, as projected the Great Hemp Tour ran about $300 per day to do in production costs alone, a ten day road trip run about $3000 easy if not more.

Now using an IPhone I can live stream the Tour in part then even using IMovie   I can do long interviews edit and toss them on You Tube then at a latter date Pop added content bonus content etc

This all with a device that fits in the palm of my hand.

Talk about crazy right

How Tech changes things,

So how the tour will work is this


Using Periscope (A free App) I will (or maybe a talking head) interview others explore the Hemp Happenings in that State.ror live streaming that anyone can see live. This will also be stored for editing to be put on You Tube,

Longer form interviews will take place again to be perhaps live streamed for sure put on You Tube and with added content put on a DVD.

The use of the Smart Phone and Apps created for live streaming will save a ton of cash as well as making the Tour more fun to do.

Got to say I am getting excited to get this going.



A bit of this and that


First, like many of you I am on linkedin,if you like to connect there, I am more or less open to it. Just know that Facebook type games will get you removed and Spamming get you reported. Here is my page


Next I have been asked to help out on this Facebook page for Wisconsin Hemp Industries Association you can find that here  If you share the goals etc come by and give us a like.


Was temped to start up the Podcast as an hour show, however I am going to wait on that, simple due to no real request to start it up as an hour show then my Ego, that would just be silly, a bit disappointed but not surprised that once again I was told a series of actions for the Great Hemp Tour was going to happen and none have, the funnest was when a writer (guessing Freelance)  told me that Vice was writing about the great Help Tour now that came as news to me!

I have yet to talk to anyone from Vice or any other News group about the Tour, the only “Journalist” I did talk to wanted $2500 to run a story on my efforts on the Great Hemp Tour!

I am sure “she” get some to bite on the idea that 1) they need to pay for a story 2) That folks even read the Web page she “Writes” for.

Free World you got to hustle to get that Nut, but sorry dear if I am going to pay you $2500 for a story you better be good on your back

Oh well.


A shorter post wanted to write something and so I did. I want to get into and stat in the habit of writing, as you know my writing is weak , the only way to get better is by doing far better to work on getting better practice try some more then bitch about it

Be careful out there and do your research!

And now Mushrooms


Some of you might know, I have been experimenting with the indoor Growing of Mushrooms (no not THAT kind) as a away to earn a few $$ grow more food to eat plus some of the health benefits they can provided. That alone make interesting reading, all the cool heath benefits

Let me first say NEVER eat a Mushroom you do not know are 100 % safe

The world of Mushrooms is a very interesting one some examples,

There is a Mushroom that eats Plastic, Mushrooms can be used to clean Brownfields, removing hvy metals from the soil, make the soil safe to grow food in or build homes in and around.

Been working on my experiments for a few years, as with many projects started under capitalized creating issues and unneeded set backs.

So after a few years to quote Edison I know lots of ways that will not work. The school of hard knocks is a fucking bitch and then some.

Now, I find myself in a space where I can spend a few bucks to buy the equipment needed to do the effort the right way and not the cheep let’s hope it works way.

The investment needed is less then $100 to grow with luck and planing I hope 20 Lbs.

The idea is to grow them in my Cool (not Cold) Basement in Saw Dust and Straw then when the Run is done use the Saw dust Straw in the Compost for the Garden in the Spring.


Lets see what happens. Be fun be interesting and you never know, things might go way wrong and I create Mushroom Zombies!