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Jim Spodick Chiba Hero

Jim Spodic

I Have known Mr. Spodick for well over 15 years both in Good times and bad, an interesting man who many say came into his own now when he was a major property owner in Downtown Racine but after due to the crash starting in 2008, Jim lost his holdings in Downtown Racine, unlike many looked hard on what was going on around him, for the first time perhaps saw as others did the real goings on in the City of Racine and started to speak out.

I, myself renewed my friendship with Jim during this time, working with him and during the fight to try to save CAR 25 began to see a Racine ran for the benefit of a few mostly the pals of Mayor John Dickert, as many see events.

Mr. Spodick may not be a property owner in Downtown Racine anymore, Jim is know as a man who works with others to expose the Good Old Boys and the games they play be it his documentary film   Pattern or Practice  work with the Equity Project.

I am looking forward to his You Tube Channel on how the Good Old Boys are working on the fun and games

To me he fits the idea of a Hero

I Had Jim on the Podcast last week here is the show  take a gander


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Chiba Chronicles the name change

Chiba Chronicles looks at fringe culture

Note the name change. from the Great Hemp Tour to

This was done well to be bunt few cared about The Great Hemp Tour to giving the backing from a Fan base that the tour would need this was shown by few donations or T Shirt sales, the only questions I got was about the 420 smoking type, sorry the Great Hemp Tour was never going to be about the 420 as a major focus, be talked about as Medical uses, the war on drugs, how the 420 being legal had effected the States that legalized the Drug.  Would have looked at some of the strange elements like you see on Cable TV crime shows, but NEVER the mail focus.
So now what?
As you may know we have linked up with Hispanic News On Line once I found out how much Hemp and being driven underground had to do with what I and many see  Racism, I wanted to use this page with the Podcast  to help educate on issues around that subject.
Also I did find out the Agriculture, Diet, Heath is not only huge with in the Hispanic Community but lets say the fringe culture.
Hard to define what   fringe culture is call it Red Neck Hillbilly who wants to know why Farming is no longer respected, The “White Trash”  who is told after serving in the Wars of America  he is seen as a terrorist for wanting to own Guns going to church and expecting elected officials to do what they say, even or very much the Young Hispanic who (like in Racine) gets told that NO you may not work on Cars to earn some cash to give to your folks to help pay bills.
These groups are coming together is very interesting ways with interest in many topics   such as Organic Farming healthy eating, what happened with Hemp.
Sill be doing the Hemp Hero this be interesting times

Pattern or Practice


Racism is evil affects us all.

When you read the history of Hemp in America, you will also come across how Racism was used to help drive the Plant underground.

We all have read on how the Drug laws are used as many see it as an attack on young Black males

Sad to say Racism is used in other ways as well,

See the example of the City of Racine this issue is now in the Federal Court along with another filed  by a Black Funeral Home owner this year.