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The Cooking Show!



As we take advantage of the oppertunties by the Great Hemp Tour, the biggest I see is the huge interest in better food better eating that more and more are interested in being able to do!

A very good idea when so many Americans are wanting to improve heath see growing their own food to eat or at least know where it comes from how the crops are grown.

The Great Hemp tour wants to be a part of this effort will be doing so by doing a Cooking Podcast!

How this will work is our Chief, will discus a recipe how to prepare same the heath benefits.

We are hoping then to have a Farmer on as well to talk about how he grows that  crop, tools used, ingredients, be posted on a social media photo site of some sort.

My job be to keep everything straight.

The Great Hemp Tour be also be offering E-Books on the meals we hope in time including coupons for the ingredients/Tools.

Yes we rock like that sponsorships are available! Act quick before they are gone!


And The Fans say


I own a great book called Outrageous Marketing,  This book is a very worthwhile read.

One of the best points is that your fan base will tell you want they (The fans) like and what they do not like by if they support your efforts. In the Case of the Great Hemp Tour this be by at this stage of events helping by donating to the Tour via Pay Pal or Buying a T Shirt, so I can keep this page up and running as The Great Hemp Tour looks for Sponsors gets the “Official” T Shirt design done, A Bumper Sicker the Swag type loot to sell to be able to fund the Tour itself.

You can find that info if you like to donate at the top of the site.

To be blunt the fans so far have told me loud and clear that they might like the idea but are not interested in helping, thanks anyway

I must say The Great Hemp Tour has gotten a few donations sold a T Shirt and I am very very thankful to them who have, but its not enough to keep this going long, that’s fine.

When I inquired of others what the issues where if any I was informed that many thought the Great Hemp Tour was about driving around and getting  high, sorry that was NEVER the point.

My bad.

Still The Great Hemp Tour has opened many doors with a great deal of oppertunties that I will be undertaking, I will be using income I get from that to fund the Tour, still going to happen just going to take longer and could even morph into more of a Hispanic/Underground culture  type gig and I am very cool with that.

From the efforts working with Hispanic News On Line alone doors are opening and I am going to see what is on the other side of them

As well the Podcast is doing well looking forward to what that will be bringing

Thanks for your time

The Rocking Hemp Hero Rudy Arredondo

Rudy Arredondo


His official bio looks a bit like this:

Profile: A highly motivated bilingual problem solver and advocate with a lifetime career in civil,

human, labor, immigration, health care rights, focus on rural communities, agriculture, farming and ranching.


Specialized and equally transferable Spanish/English skills: Capable of researching, analyzing and structuring resolution of difficult situations. Able to identify, assess and leverage human and financial resources. Proficient in managing millions of dollars in public project funds. Intimately familiar with federal and local protocol and sensitivities. Adept educator and communicator.

That is just the tip of the Iceberg, I found him to be a caring spokesman, often leading from the front  far more then just telling others what to do.

A man in love with the Soil as his Father was and down the line.

From working with UFW in the past to getting Hemp Seeds seized (Unlawfully I think) from the Drug Enforcement Agency, Rudy never gives up until the task is done

After doing both A Rock Stars of Agriculture and A Great Hemp Tour Podcast with him, I feel I have a duty to make him a Hemp Hero!

Podcast Below!



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Joining forces with Hispanic News On Line



Working in partnerships is always better for this allows more resources for projects, sharing of ideas, better able to say get the message out.

In the Case of the Great Hemp Tour our partnership with  Hispanic News On Line has opened many doors allowing The Great Hemp Tour to access far more information on many many subjects dealing with a huge range of issues I find within Hemp  from Health to Race, from History to law enforcement.

I am very thankful to the Publisher of Hispanic News On Line for the opportunity  to work with him.

Stamps as History

You know of course I am a big History buff, even more so now that via the Great Hemp Tour I am learning a lot more of the History behind Helm.

One of the more interesting stories I came across was the History of this great country told by of all things Postage Stamps.

My Guest   Daniel Sanchez a 20+ year USAF Vet talks about Stamps with just some of the History they tell

Check Out Current Events Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with The Great Hemp Tour on BlogTalkRadio

You yes YOU can be on the Podcast!



I was asked today how one might get on the Podcast.

Easy ask!

As the focus of the Great Hemp Tour is Industrial  Hemp , I have quickly found out there are just so many issues connected to this from History to The War On Drugs and then some, in even the short time I have been planing this, I have also found that the many many stories that go along with the issues have not been talked of a lot and need to be.

So I will be having guests on about those subjects.

At the same time If I just focus on what I can only call the tragic issues of the  past with the hard work still to come I would perhaps you as well become depressed.

So why not also bring on others who have what I hope be intriguing information/stories that I hope the fans of the Great Hemp Tour would be interested in knowing about

So if you like on just send me an Email that can be found in the contact info page on this site.

In the Email let me know what you like to talk about dates and times that work best for you

The Shows are LIVE then go to MP3 via Blog Talk Radio


Lets do this!