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Jamie (Hiatt) Campbell Petty Hemp Hero!

Jamie (Hiatt) Campbell Petty


The most interesting fact I have found in starting The Great Hemp Tour are the number of leaders working long hard hours to move issues on Hemp forward so we may all get to a point where the legal use of Hemp is allowed for all purposes ,where American farmers are  growing/harvesting for Americans to use perhaps to be the country exporting Hemp around the World

Most of the time the Leadership is made of of strong Women like Jamie who when I talked to her yesterday was in the process of getting information needed at an Upcoming Farmer’s Market then having to batten down the hatches of her family’s  Homestead in the face of yet another Thunderstorm.

Founder, President of Indiana Hemp Industries Association as well Farmer helping others get organized to help with the Hemp effort, answering calls to answer question and help me with information, I do not know how Jamie can do it all with a smile on her face and a good word for all.

She is a Hemp Hero


Twitter @JamieINHIA






Efforts cost money, the way of the world.

Be it  Hosing for this Web Page, the Blog Talk Radio Podcast time or getting in the car and doing the tour, this effort will cost money, the way it is.

You may think that this is the worst thing ever that the idea or I suck, you might be right.

I do not I think the way to get more understanding about Hemp so we can get information into the hands of Joe Public , so they can get on this Bus too, is with the Great Hemp Tour.

As you know we have made it possible to donate or buy a T Shirt to help get this going , My thanks to you who have done so.

We are now going to do Sponsorships  from Companies or just plain Folk who want to do more.

Anyone is able to talk out a Sponsorship, the only requirement  is that the Good/Service is legal so no meth labs please!

I do reserve the Right to pass on your offer

If interested email me at

The Great Hemp Tour The Podcast


As we go forward with The Great Hemp Tour, I will be starting A Podcast to help educate on the Tour itself, along with issues and news around Hemp itself.

This will be a Show ran on the Blog Talk Radio platform, with a player embedded on this site so anyone can hear or link to them.

The Great Hemp Tour is using the hour formant, that allows me to have a show during prime time and guests can use Skype to call in avoiding long distance charges a land line might cost.

I am getting my first guests line up so the show can get underway.

Most likley I will be ending my other Podcasts so I may have more time for the effort on this show in order to create the best show  ever.

The Show of course focus on Hemp and issues around this crop.

One might think of it as a tease for the T.V. Show and you should

Want to be a guest just contact The Great Hemp Tour!




Faster then I ever thought

hemp field 3


You may have seen this story

” The Connecticut State Senate has approved a bill that would allow the production and processing of industrial hemp in the state…. ”

Wow, great news! I was not even aware they where doing anything and now boom looks like soon Farmers will be growing and getting income from Hemp!

Can’s beat that with a stick.

Goes to show how fast events are moving in this country,that is very good to see.

In My own State, Wisconsin  events are underway to do industrial hemp where this effort goes this year, I have no clue.

There is also an effort to back off the recreational use  laws in Wisconsin this year, however that effort is not expected to do much.

The Story above goes to show me how fast Hemp efforts are moving in the USA.

Folks, this effort needs our help!

We need to be calling/writing our elected reps to make sure they know where We the voters stand on the issue  that to us, Hemp is an issue that brings us to the polls to vote, that we pay attention to how they vote.

My hope is that by writing to our Reps they get the clue the time to act is now!


Are You Investing In Hemp?



Are you investing in Hemp? I am!

By this I do not mean investing say in stocks or bonds, but I do see both as very good ideas!

In this case, I am investing in Hemp with my time and a bit of cash.

I am doing this via The Great Hemp Tour! Yes I could have used the Word Press hosted site vs paying for both a Domain and Hosting, however I needed to get real to in some ways lead by example, if I am going to ask the Fans of The Great Hemp Tour to be part of the tour by donating by buying swag, consuming the finished product that will be on going.

Do I not have to show that I care enough about the tour to invest in the Great Hemp Tour myself?

As well the investing in the Domain/Hosting allows the use of far more tools in Word Press  then if I just would have used the no cost method, a very good thing!

I also invested in one of the paid formats of Blog Talk Radio, this will allow far more flexibility in doing Podcasts, from a longer format   one hour to being able  have a show in Prime Time, this should allow me a far greater range of guests on this Podcast!

In many ways my investment in Hemp could pay off if I would have bought Stocks!