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Our First Hemp Hero Sue Degregorio-Rosen


As a a high energy skilled Professional Registered Nurse, possessing strong communication & administrative skills with over 18 yrs of management experience and 30+ yrs as a trauma/burn/ER specialist, & with a keen analytic ability to successfully resolve issues and to exceed standards for outstanding commitment to the future the self evident of outcomes and to the continued support for Medicinal Marijuana…….


Note: I have known Ms Rosen, and from Day one. she has been very helpful in my own efforts to understand issues around Hemp, Medicinal Marijuana and my own issues coming to grips with the real History vs what we are told to believe.

I could not think of anyone better to be our first Hemp Hero!

We march along!


Slowly we move forward!

Rome was not built in a day, nor will this Web site ever be “done” there will be information on the tour posted all the time.

A lot will go into making this tour successful from arranging the interviews, to finding crash space to use on the stops of the tour.

Finding the best company to do the printing of the T-Shirts, looking at designs  for the Posters, fund raising  are just a few areas that time is needed to be spent on, it’s all a process, one that will continue even once the tour is underway.

Must say all ready I have met great folks who have opened my eyes on all the great things going on in Hemp as I write this.  Events in the Hemp area are moving along faster then I thought, a very  cool thing.

Hemp Hero

Will be doing a category  where I highlight what I call Hemp Heroes, those going above and beyond to promote, help educate, work on legalizing Helm to the public  and/or members of elected Government leaders, on the facts of Hemp and the uses of this plant.

Please feel free to Email The Great Hemp Tour on who you like to see as a Hemp Hero.


Welcome to The Great Help Tour!


Well, as you can see, The Page for the Great Hemp Tour has been created!

The plan is to use this for all the cool information on the Great Hemp Tour, from T-Shirt Sales to Cities we will be going to!

Updates on news, the Tour finds interesting and well what is A Great Hemp Tour without Tour Girls? Without cool music or great books or films our fans might enjoy?

Grab a chair, relax and get ready for a wild ride in the Tour Bus!